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Paul David Fox <>
16 Apr 1997 00:30:51 -0400

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From: Paul David Fox <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 16 Apr 1997 00:30:51 -0400
Organization: None in particular
References: 97-04-067
Keywords: optimize, question

JUKKA wrote:
> I just created a Visual C++ program under Windows 95 which
> runs slower when it is optimised for speed. And which runs faster
> when it is a debug version without any optimisation and lot of extra
> debug code.
> This happens when I compare two sets of files in 1kb records in a
> loop. Somehow the under laying system is faster when the loop
> is slower? Do somebody know why this occurs. The difference is
> about 10%. This occurs when most of the files are cashed by the
> system.

They are cashed by the system? How much did you get for them ? :-)

I read elsewhere that under debug, all locals vars are initialised
to zero. (God only knows why). Under optimised conditions, this
doesnt happen.

I might conjecture that you have an uninitialised variable somewhere
and in the debug case, the code works 'as expected' but in non-debug
mode, the variable causes some loop somewhere to execute more times than

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