Re: UNCOL in the news again (again) (Tom Lane)
8 Apr 1997 09:38:59 -0400

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From: (Tom Lane)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 8 Apr 1997 09:38:59 -0400
Organization: Netcom Online Communications Services
References: 97-04-053
Keywords: UNCOL (David Keppel) writes:
> (UVMs). Working with researchers at Taligent, IBM is developing a
> single virtual machine capable of running applications written in C++,
> Smalltalk or Java,

> [I predict they'll all soon be crying "UNCOL" -Pardo]

> [Throw in Lisp and Cobol and you'll really have something. -John]

If their definition of "universal" is "it supports C++ and Java", it's
probably doable. The UNCOL advocates of previous decades had much
more ambitious goals than supporting near-workalike languages...

Throwing in Smalltalk makes the problem at least moderately
interesting, but I bet that requirement will get dumped before long.

regards, tom lane
[Even C++ and Java will be difficult due to the rather different storage
models. Look at TDF/ANDF -- as far as I can tell they ground to a halt
before they'd finished adding C++ to the original C. -John]


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