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From: toplas@cs.umd.edu (ACM TOPLAS)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 31 Mar 1997 15:21:05 -0500
Organization: U of Maryland, Dept. of Computer Science, Coll. Pk., MD 20742
Keywords: journal

Lots of things are happening with ACM Transactions
on Programming Languages and Systems:

* After doing a wonderful job as TOPLAS editor-in-chief,
    Andrew Appel is stepping down. I (Bill Pugh) have been
    asked to take on the job.

    Please update any pointers to the TOPLAS web page to point to
    rather than

    Also, please use toplas@acm.org or toplas@cs.umd.edu rather than
    toplas@cs.princeton.edu. Although email will be forwarded from Princeton, `
    we should get things moved to the new addresses.

    If you must send us any physical mail (discouraged), use the address
    on the toplas web page.

    Authors and referee's: Yvette Smith has taken over for Rebecca Davies

    Both Andrew and Rebecca did a marvelous job -- many thanks.

* ACM publications is going on-line!

    The full text of almost all ACM TOPLAS articles from 1991 on is
    now on-line in PDF format. (We are still missing the first 3 issues of
    1996, but they should be up shortly).

    Some of the articles are in PDF version 1.2 (which requires Adobe
    Acrobat version 3.0 or any other tool that can read PDF version 1.2;
    Acrobat version 2.1 will not).

    You also will need an ACM information services account (free
    to all members). The fee structure may evolve/change.

    In some of the most recent articles (November 96 and January 97),
    the articles have been prepared with bookmarks for section headings.
    Also, references to figures, sections and citations are hyperlinked
    (when you see "as shown in Figure 7", clicking on that phrase will take
    you to Figure 7). Words or phrases surrounded by colored rectangles
    show active links. This bit of magic was done using Sebastian Rahtz's
    truly cool hyperref package for LaTeX. This will also allow for active
    URL's to be embedded in TOPLAS articles. This is still evolving; let me
    know what you think of it.

    In all of them, thumbnails are available.

    Some information about how TOPLAS articles are prepared for the
    web are available from the TOPLAS web page.

    I hope to have the March 1997 articles up before the end of March
    (what a concept). We may also be putting up pre-prints of articles
    that have been accepted but not yet copy edited or put into ACM Transactions

* Submission-to-published time is low

    In case you haven't noticed, Andrew Appel did an amazing job
    of getting TOPLAS's editorial queue short and moving fast. Almost
    half of the articles published take less than a year from submission
    to appearing in print (that includes time spent being revised by the
    authors). We also try to keep our time from submission to initial
    editorial decision to under 3 months, although some papers
    that are long or hard to find referees for take longer.

    A lot of people (including myself) think this rapid turn-around
    is very important, and I'll be pushing hard to keep it fast and short.
    Our referees are a very important part of this process; many thanks
    to them. When we push you to give us timely review, we really appreciate
    whatever you can give us.

* I'll be posting TOPLAS table-of-contents to comp.lang.sigplan,
    comp.compilers and comp.org.acm as they appear on the TOPLAS web site.

* More changes

    More changes are afoot, although at the moment we are recovering from
    all of the tasks associated with moving the TOPLAS editorial office from
    Princeton down to Maryland (did you know gawk 3.0 has a horrible memory
    leak that caused us to revert to gawk 2.1 in order to use Andrew's
    TOPLAS database software?)

    One change that is coming: I've started asking some authors to archive
    some of their benchmarks and raw data as part of their TOPLAS publication.

Bill Pugh
Associate Professor at Univ. of Maryland, College Park
TOPLAS Editor-in-Chief

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