Re: LL1 grammar conversion Algorithms

John Lilley <>
16 Feb 1997 22:25:10 -0500

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From: John Lilley <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 16 Feb 1997 22:25:10 -0500
Organization: Nerds for Hire, Inc.
References: 97-02-075
Keywords: parse, LL(1) wrote:
> Does anyone know of any implementation of an algorithm which will
> convert an LALR grammar to LL1.
> Particularly elimination of common prefix and left recursion ( as in
> Fischer and LeBlanc's "Crafting a Compiler in C )

> [It's not possible in general...

I should also add that LALR grammars that were automatically converted
to LL can be totally unreadable. Some of the issues are:

1) LL grammar tools like PCCTS have repition constructs like ()* and
()+ which remove much recursion found in LALR grammars. An automatic
tool will probably ignore that feature.

2) It is often better to backtrack in an LL grammar than to
left-factor for particularly awful cases. The automatic tool may find
that the common prefix is quite long and generate a perfectly awful
and grotesquely verbose LL grammar as a result.

3) There are some differences between actions embedded in an LL
grammar and those in an LR grammar, so the automatic conversion may
make incorrect action placement.

john lilley

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