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7 Feb 1997 23:45:00 -0500

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From: (stephen)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 7 Feb 1997 23:45:00 -0500
Organization: a loss for words
References: 97-01-136 97-01-237
Keywords: OOP, design, comment
:Hi! I have a book "Building your own compiler with C++" Author: Jim
:Holmes, Prentice Hall. 1995
::[This book came up in discussion a few weeks ago, and the comments then
:said the use of C++ wasn't very good. Anyone else have an opinion? -John]

Those Comments Were By Me (Though Capitalised To Look Like Fortran).
The Main Problem With The C++ In The Book For Me Was That It Was Fairly
Old Fashioned: There Were No Pure Virtuals (Though Reference To Them
Being Available In New Compilers Was), The Use Of Overloading (I Think)
Nonexistent And In Combination With Lex/Yacc I Got The Impression That
Rather Than C++ He Was Using C += 0.5 And That An ADT Style Of C
Programming Would Have Accomplished The Same Goals In A Easier To Read
Way. Perhaps If He Produced A Revision Now (In The Light Of C++ Near
Standardisation) It Would Be Less ADT And More OOD -- Which Would Make
The Book Far More Interesting.

I Also Had The Misfortune To Come Across The Book Shortly After Fraser
And Hanson's Lcc Book (A Portable C Compiler Written In C Using Noweb)
Which Was Imho Much Better Written And Much More Useful. With Their C
Interfaces As Clear And Simple As Holmes' C++ Ones. Prehaps If Holmes
Had Used A Literate Style He'd Have Got His C++ Across More Clearly And
My Opinion Would Be Different.

I'd Be Interested To Know Of Any Opinions Of Wirth's Oberon Book, Which
From A Casual Glance Looks Very Clear. What Does A More Detailed
Examination Reveal?

[Didn't see the place in the FAQ where it warns that messages received
entirely in lower case are subject to gratuitous recapitalization, eh? -John]

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