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"Kim G. Frei" <>
3 Feb 1997 13:39:57 -0500

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From: "Kim G. Frei" <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 3 Feb 1997 13:39:57 -0500
Organization: AVS/UNIRAS A/S
References: 97-01-253
Keywords: Cobol

Peter Baeumle wrote:

> Is there anyone who knows where I can get the source code of a (small)
> COBOL compiler (or a subset-COBOL compiler) ??
> [Many requests for a Cobol parser have gone unanswered, but nobody's ever
> asked for a whole compiler in source form. Don't hold your breath. -John]

Well, a few months ago I downloaded cobcy, a COBOL to C translator,
which apparently was the work of a student. He had some plans to
continue work on it, but now both he and any traces of the translator
has disappeared. However, I do have the source and will of course
send it to interrested parties. Should anybody have a FTP site where
we can put it, I'd be more than happy to upload it.

The parser is YACC based. Rest of the translator is written in C++.
It reads COBOL source and spews out C source. It seems to cover a
broad range of the COBOL language and even allows the MicroFocus (I
think) SCREEN SECTION. AFAIK it'll do index sequential files as well
using a DBase compatible public domain library.

It's GPL'ed and as nobody seems to be working on it, perhaps somebody
could form a team. I'm open for suggestions. Mail me if anybody wants
to form a team or if somebody is doing development today.

Peter, if you want the source, mail me.

Kim Frei Tel: +45 45 99 95 99 AVS/UNIRAS A/S Fax: +45 45 99 95 00 Blokken 15
                                                                                                DK-3460 Birkerod
[Well, what do you know. -John]


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