Re: precedence modification? (Richard Matthias)
12 Jan 1997 11:48:59 -0500

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From: (Richard Matthias)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 12 Jan 1997 11:48:59 -0500
Organization: University of Sussex
References: 97-01-026
Keywords: parse (J. Kanze) writes:
> From the different compiler people I've talked to, I get the
> impression that recursive descent dominates for C++.

Mike Ball (michael.ball@Eng.Sun.COM) wrote:
: Just for the record, the Sun C++ compiler, which is based (as were a number
: of commercial compilers) on the TauMetric frontend, uses recursive descent,
: with a precedence modification when handling expressions.

Could you (anyone) expand on the phrase "precedence modification when
handling expressions" for me? I've not seen it in any compiler texts
(although these rarely cover such complex languages as c++
anyway). SIGPLAN references are gratefully received too :-)


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