Re: Compiler stress tests? (Cliff Click)
3 Jan 1997 23:07:13 -0500

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From: (Cliff Click)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 3 Jan 1997 23:07:13 -0500
Organization: none
References: 97-01-020
Keywords: testing (David Keppel) writes:

> Somebody asked me about this and I don't know the answer: where do you
> find compiler "stress test" generators/suites/etc.? ...

> [I'd look at mechanically generated source code, since it always seems to
> kill compilers expecting human-written code. -John]

I work for the Motorola compiler group. We use PlumHall (C, C++,
Fortran), Spec92, Spec95, Nullstone, Linpack, Stanford Integer
Benchmark and Bytemarks (did I miss any?). We make regression tests
for any bug that makes it into the bug reporting system - especially
bugs that come from external users. The regression suite is (I think)
several thousand cases long. We run the whole shebang on every minor
internal release.

In short, we throw the kitchen sink at the compiler.
Beta testers still find bugs with amazing ease.


Cliff Click, Ph.D. Compiler Researcher & Designer
RISC Software, Motorola PowerPC Compilers (512) 891-7240

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