CANPC '97: Call for Participation

Craig Stunkel <>
2 Jan 1997 23:20:53 -0500

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CANPC '97: Call for Participation (Craig Stunkel) (1997-01-02)
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From: Craig Stunkel <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 2 Jan 1997 23:20:53 -0500
Organization: IBM Research
Keywords: conference, architecture, parallel

        Workshop on Communication and Architectural Support for Network-based
                                                          Parallel Computing

                                                                  CANPC '97

        to be held in conjunction with Third International Symposium on High
                                  Performance Computer Architecture (HPCA-3)
                    The Menger Hotel, San Antonio, Texas, February 1-2, 1997

                                    Sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society

      For details, please refer to

      * Preliminary Advance Program
      * Registration Information
      * Location and Hotel Reservation
      * Theme of the Workshop
      * Program Committee
      * Additional Information


                                                  Preliminary Advance Program

February 1 (Saturday)


Session I

          Communication Mechanisms, Session Chair: TBD

                * Efficient Communication Mechanisms for Cluster Based Parallel
                    Computing, A. Davis, M. Swanson, and M. Parker, University of
                * Stream Sockets on SHRIMP, S. N. Damianakis, C. Dubnicki, and
                    E. W. Felten, Princeton University
                * A Simple and Efficient Process and Communication Abstraction
                    for Network Operating Systems, D. C. DiNucci, NASA Ames
                    Research Center

Session II

          Routing, Session Chair: TBD

                * Efficient Adaptive Routing in Networks of Workstations with
                    Irregular Topology, F. Silla, M. P. Malumbres, A. Robles, P.
                    Lopez, and J. Duato, Universidad Politechnica de Valencia,
                * A Deadlock Avoidance Method for Computer Networks, B. Abali,
                    IBM T.J. Watson Research Center

Session III

          ATM Switching, Session Chair: TBD

                * Extending ATM Networks for Efficient Reliable Multicast, J.
                    S. Turner, Washington University
                * ATLAS-I: A Single-chip ATM switch for NOWs, M. G. H.
                    Katevenis, P. Vatsolaki, D. Serpanos, and E. Markatos,
                    Institute of Computer Science, FORTH, Greece

Session IV

          Efficient Communication Support, Session Chair: TBD

                * Arachne: A Portable Threads Library Supporting Migrant
                    Threads on Heterogeneous Network Farms, B. Dimitrov and V.
                    Rego, Purdue University
                * Transparent Treatment of Remote Pointers Using IPC Primitive
                    in RPC Systems, S. Kim, Semyung University, M. Hyun, Daewon
                    Junior College, and S. Lee, Kyungpook National University,
                * An Operating System Support to Low-Overhead Communications in
                    NOW Clusters, P. Marenzoni, G. Rimassa, M. Vignali, M.
                    Betozzi, and G. Conte, Universita di Parma, Italy

February 2 (Sunday)


Session V

          Synchronization and Load Balancing, Session Chair: TBD

                * Distributed Hardware Support for Process Synchronization in
                    NSM Workstation Clusters, J. Bonney, R. Ramanujan, A. Ahmad,
                    S. Takkella, and K. Thurber, Architecture Technology
                * Synchronization Support in I/O Adapter Based SCI Clusters, K.
                    Omang, University of Oslo, Norway
                * Load Balancing for Regular Data-Parallel Applications on a
                    Workstation Network, M. Kaddoura, Architecture Technology

Session VI

          Performance Evaluation, Session Chair: Jehoshua Bruck, Caltech

                * A Comparison of Three High Speed Networks for Parallel
                    Cluster Computing, H. Bal, R. Hofman, and K. Verstoep, Vrije
                    Universiteit, The Netherlands
                * Understanding the Performance of DSM Applications, W. Meira
                    Jr., T. J. LeBlanc, N. Hardavellas, University of Rochester,
                    and C. Amorim, UFRJ, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
                * Performance Metrics and Measurement Techniques of Collective
                    Communication Services, N. Nupairoj and L. M. Ni, Michigan
                    State University

Session VII

          Communication Protocol, Session Chair: TBD

                * CLAM: Connection-less, Lightweight, and Multiway
                    Communication Support for Distributed Computing, J. C. Gomez
                    and V. Rego, Purdue University, and V. S. Sunderam, Emory
                * Network-wide Cooperative Computing Architecture (NCCA), H.
                    Yamashita, T. Suguri, S. Kinoshita, NTT Information and
                    Communication Systems Laboratories, and Y. Okada, NTT Network
                    Strategy Planning Department, Japan
                * Data Movement and Control Substrate for Parallel Scientific
                    Computing, N. Chrisochoides, Univ. of Notre Dame, I.
                    Kodukula, and K. Pingali, Cornell University

Panel Session

          Future Interconnects for Network-based Parallel Computing: ATM vs.
          Ethernet vs. other.
          Moderator: Craig Stunkel, IBM T.J. Watson Research
          Panelists: Henri Bal, Vrije University; Shuki Bruck, Caltech;
          Lionel Ni, Michigan State University; Jon Turner, Washington
          University; Thorsten von Eicken, Cornell University; and others
          (being decided)


                                                    Registration Information

If you are planning to register for HPCA-3 conference as well as its
workshop(s) and tutorial, please refer to the HPCA-3 conference registration

                                                                                              CANPC'97 Workshop

                                                                                    Advance On-site

  IEEE Members $100 $120
  Non-members $125 $150
  Full-time Students $100 $120

Advance registration deadline is January 10, 1997.

The registration fee includes a copy of the workshop proceedings (published
by Springer-Verlag), continental breakfasts, and coffee breaks.

To register using a credit card (Mastercard or Visa only), please e-mail
the completed ASCII registration form below to:; or
fax/mail the completed form to the Registration Chair:

Raj Boppana
Division of Computer Science
Univ. of Texas at San Antonio
San Antonio, Texas 78249-0667, USA

Tel: 210-458-5692
Fax: 210-458-4437

To register using a check, please mail the completed form with a check
(payable to HPCA-3) for the correct amount to the address given above.
Checks should be in U.S. dollars drawn on U.S. banks.


                                                CANPC '97 Registration form

Last Name:__________________ First Name:___________________ Middle Initial:___



City:___________________ State:__________________ Zip Code:___________________

Country:________________ Telephone:____________________ Fax:__________________

Email Address:________________________________________________________________

IEEE Member:_____ Non-member:_____ Student:_____ IEEE Member No:______________

CANPC '97 Workshop(s): US$__________

Check, payable to HPCA-3, in U.S. dollars drawn on a US Bank only:____________

Credit Card: VISA ___ or MasterCard ___

                          Credit Card No._______________________ Expiration date:_________



                                              Location and Hotel Reservation

Conference Site

HPCA-3 and its workshops will be held in San Antonio's Menger Hotel, a
historic landmark hotel. It is next door to the Alamo, adjacent to the
Rivercenter Mall, the IMAX Theater and River Walk and two blocks to the
convention center. The hotel is located in front of the Alamo Plaza where
the Sea World shuttle and sightseeing tours depart. Please visit or to obtain more information about San

American humorist and homespun philosopher Will Rogers once described San
Antonio as One of America's four unique cities. He had a natural instinct
for getting to the very essence of a subject, and his comment about San
Antonio is no exception.

San Antonio truly is unique. From its founding in 1691 by Spanish
missionaries, San Antonio has grown from a sleepy little Texas pueblo to the
9th largest city in the United States. Along the way it has been the
birthplace of the Texas revolution with the Battle of the Alamo in 1836. It
is the new home of bioscience and hi-tech industry now. In all, over half a
dozen cultures, from Spanish and German to Lebanese and Greek, have impacted
the growth of San Antonio. And their influence is still evident in the
architecture, festivals, cuisine and customes which all contribute to the
uniqueness and charm of the city.

Hotel Reservation

A block of rooms at the Menger Hotel are reserved for HPCA-3 and other
workshops. The conference rate is $85 per night for a single/double room.
Please make reservations directly with the hotel by calling (210) 223-4361
or (800) 345-9285 (toll-free). The fax number is: (210) 228-0022.
Reservations must be received by January 10, 1997 to guarantee the
conference rate. The address of the hotel is: The Menger Hotel, 204 Alamo
Plaza, San Antonio, Texas 78205. Please visit to obtain more information about the Menger


                                              Theme of the Workshop

Clusters of workstations connected by local area networks (LANs) are gaining
popularity as a platform for cost-effective parallel processing,
establishing the paradigm of network-based parallel computing. Hardware and
software LAN technology was not initially developed for parallel processing,
and thus the communication overhead between workstations can be quite high.
Efficient parallel execution is often dependent on a high level of
synchronization between tasks, and there is typically little support for
this in the complex multitasking, multiuser workstation environment. These
weaknesses have forced severe constraints on maximizing parallel performance
in workstation clusters. Many research groups from academia, industry, and
research labs are currently engaged in deriving novel hardware and software
solutions to alleviate these bottlenecks. The goal of this workshop is to
bring together researchers and practitioners working in this area to discuss
state-of-the-art solutions as well as future trends for providing efficient
communication and architectural support for network-based parallel



Dhabaleswar K. Panda (Ohio State) and Craig B. Stunkel (IBM T.J. Watson)


      * Tilak Agerwala (IBM)
      * Henri Bal (Vrije U., The Netherlands)
      * Adam Beguelin (Carnegie Mellon)
      * Jehoshua Bruck (Caltech)
      * Al Davis (Utah)
      * David Du (Minnesota)
      * Jose Duato (U. Politecnica de Valencia)
      * Sandhya Dwarkadas (Rice/Rochester)
      * Ian Foster (Argonne National Lab)
      * Michael Foster (NSF)
      * Ching-Tien Ho (IBM Almaden)
      * Lionel Ni (NSF/Michigan)
      * Steve Scott (Cray Research)
      * Marc Snir (IBM T.J. Watson)
      * Per Stenstrom (Chalmers U., Sweden)
      * Vaidy Sunderam (Emory)
      * Anand Tripathi (NSF/Minnesota)
      * Thorsten von Eicken (Cornell)
      * David Wood (Wisconsin)
      * Sudhakar Yalamanchili (Georgia Tech)



For further questions, please refer to
~canpc97 or send e-mail to


Craig Stunkel IBM T.J. Watson Research Center P.O. Box 218
(914)945-3090 Yorktown Heights, NY 10598

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