Re: Oberon <--> Java translators

Ivan Kellenberger <>
27 Dec 1996 23:26:14 -0500

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Re: Oberon <--> Java translators (Ivan Kellenberger) (1996-12-27)
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From: Ivan Kellenberger <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 27 Dec 1996 23:26:14 -0500
Organization: The Dungeons at TIK
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Keywords: Java, Oberon

Brent Rowland wrote:
  .> Has anyone written an Oberon-to-Java or a Java-to-Oberon translator?
  .> I prefer the Oberon syntax, and at first glance there seem to be
  .> a lot of similarities. How hard would such a beast be?

The major problem seems that oberon isn't fully object oriented. so
you have to deal with quite a lot of classfiles; one for each type,
record, ... you define in oberon.

  .> Also, I vaguely remember hearing some talk about a compiler from
  .> Oberon to Java byte code. I don't know if it was only proposed,
  .> or if someone actually tried it.

I'm trying to build up an oberon2java compiler at the moment as a
diploma thesis. It should be running by March.

I would be pleased, if everyone who has experiences in this topic
shares them with me.


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