YACC debugger wanted

Marvin <guenter@student.uni-kl.de>
18 Dec 1996 00:10:23 -0500

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From: Marvin <guenter@student.uni-kl.de>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 18 Dec 1996 00:10:23 -0500
Organization: Universitaet Kaiserslautern
Keywords: yacc, debug, question, comment

Greetings. Is there something like a run-time debugger for YACC
which allows somebody to check if a set of YACC rules and a
text in this language match by making some top-down parsing?

                                                                Thanks in advance, B.Guenter
[MKS yacc has a debugger like that, don't know of any free ones. -John]

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