dataflow analysis, node listings

Claus Rick <>
17 Dec 1996 23:31:47 -0500

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dataflow analysis, node listings (Claus Rick) (1996-12-17)
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From: Claus Rick <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 17 Dec 1996 23:31:47 -0500
Organization: University of Bonn
Keywords: analysis, dataflow, question

I am looking for references on the use and computation of so-called
node listings in dataflow analysis.

Node listings are used to speed up the iterative methods for
performing global dataflow analysis.

A node listing for a flow graph is an ordering of the nodes such that
every acyclic path is a subsequence thereof.

There is a rather complicated algorithm by Aho and Ullman (1976) which
computes a node listing of length at most n log n for a reducible flow
graph of n nodes. However, the node listings computed seem to be much
longer than necessary for a variety of graphs.

Are there any other algorithms for computing node listings?


Claus Rick

Claus Rick

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