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babu@phish.nether.net (Mathan Babu)
7 Dec 1996 22:52:54 -0500

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From: babu@phish.nether.net (Mathan Babu)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 7 Dec 1996 22:52:54 -0500
Organization: Nether.Net -- Public access Linux system
Keywords: benchmarks, question, comment

Hi folks,

My boss has asked me to evaluate compilers provided by different
vendors. I have never evaluated compilers before. I do not have
idea as to how to proceed with the evaluation of the compilers.

I would be very thankful if someone gives me the list of
benchmarking tests that could be used for evaluating a compiler.
What should be the parameters one should consider for evaluation
of the compiler.

Please mail me at babujm@wipsys.soft.net

Thanks a lot in advance...

Mathan Babu
[There's no such thing as a generic benchmark. You have to figure out what
issues are important to you, e.g. quality of tools, debugging features,
available libraries, vendor support, price. I suppose code quality's in
there somewhere, too. -John]

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