Simple C Interpreter Using Lex/Yacc (Jussi Jumppanen)
7 Dec 1996 22:50:34 -0500

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Simple C Interpreter Using Lex/Yacc (1996-12-07)
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From: (Jussi Jumppanen)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 7 Dec 1996 22:50:34 -0500
Organization: DIALix Services, Sydney, Australia.
Keywords: C, yacc, lex

For anyone looking for an example of how to write an interpreter using
the lexx and yacc tools, I have created a small C interpreter using
these tools. The C interpreter is perfect as a macro scripting tool or
a MS-DOS batch processing langauge.

The ZIP package contains both the source code and a working EXE file
that was built using BC++ 5.0 compiler. The zip file is located at the
following web page:

The source code in the package comes in both a C and a C++ version.

Jussi Jumppanen (
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