Pizza -- A substantial companion to Java

Martin Odersky <>
3 Dec 1996 20:48:36 -0500

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Pizza -- A substantial companion to Java (Martin Odersky) (1996-12-03)
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From: Martin Odersky <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 3 Dec 1996 20:48:36 -0500
Organization: Compilers Central
Keywords: Java

We'd like to announce availability of the first implementation of
Pizza. Pizza is a strict superset of Java that incorporates three
additional concepts:

  - parametric polymorphism,
  - higher-order functions, and
  - algebraic types.

Pizza is implemented on top of the Java development kit (other
Java-compatible virtual machines will also work). The Pizza compiler
is a straight replacement for Sun's Java compiler, javac. When
compiling .java files the Pizza compiler works just like javac, except
that it is 2-3 times faster.

An implementation of Pizza with a kernel library and some example
programs is available from: (Europe)
(US Mirrors)

A paper that describes Pizza is available separately, from:

The paper will appear in the proceedings of the 24th ACM Symposium on
Principles of Programming Languages (POPL), in January 1997.

There are also two new mailing lists on Pizza. To subscribe to a
mailing list carrying future Pizza announcements, send mail containing
the single line

subscribe pizza-announce


To subscribe to a mailing list for discussions among Pizza users, send
send mail containing the single line

subscribe pizza-users


In case of problems with any of the above send mail to

Martin Odersky, University of Karlsruhe,
Philip Wadler, Lucent Technologies,


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