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Arie van Deursen <>
1 Dec 1996 22:50:57 -0500

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Language Prototyping: book announcement (Arie van Deursen) (1996-12-01)
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From: Arie van Deursen <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 1 Dec 1996 22:50:57 -0500
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                                                        Language Prototyping:

                                        An Algebraic Specification Approach

                          Arie van Deursen, Jan Heering, Paul Klint (editors)


          Language prototyping means generating language implementations
          automatically from high-level language definitions. This volume
          presents an algebraic specification approach to language
          prototyping using the ASF+SDF formalism and meta-environment. Many
          examples of actual language definitions illustrating various
          definition styles are given. Furthermore, several new techniques
          for deriving language implementations are proposed. The
          accompanying software is available in the public domain.

Using WWW page at URL htpp://,
you can take a look at the abstracts of the various chapters.
The book itself was published in the AMAST Series in Computing
from World Scientific Publishing Co..

To order the book, contact one of the World Scientific offices, or send an
email message to

When you buy the book, you will see that many chapters are in fact literate
specifications. When reading the chapters, you may wish to modify or extend
some of them. The links in the URL of the book include pointers to the full
ASF+SDF sources.


      * Table of Contents (6 pp.)

      * Preface (7 pp.)

    1. An Overview of ASF+SDF (30 pp.)
          Arie van Deursen

    2. The Static Semantics of Pascal (24 pp.)
          Arie van Deursen

    3. A Kernel Object-Oriented Language (32 pp.)
          T. B. Dinesh

    4. Typechecking: Modular Error Handling (22 pp.)
          T.B. Dinesh

    5. Multi-Level Specifications (94 pp.)
          Eelco Visser

    6. Incremental Type Checking (50 pp.)
          Emma van der Meulen

    7. Origin tracking and its Applications (45 pp.)
          Arie van Deursen, Paul Klint, and Frank Tip

    8. Second-Order Term Rewriting Specification of Static Semantics: An
          Excercise (12 pp.)
          Jan Heering

    9. Origin Tracking for Higher-Order Term Rewriting Systems (14 pp.)
          Arie van Deursen and T. B. Dinesh

      * References (20 pp.)

      * Index (10 pp.)


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