Re: 'Compiler Construction' by Niklaus Wirth (Michael Quinlan)
1 Nov 1996 17:47:30 -0500

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From: (Michael Quinlan)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers,comp.lang.oberon
Date: 1 Nov 1996 17:47:30 -0500
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References: 96-10-146
Keywords: books

"Jack Rasnick" <> wrote:

>I understand that Nikalus Wirth has a new book out titled 'Compiler
>Construction' that includes a PC platform compiler. I have a couple of
>Has anyone in the US seen or received this book yet? Also, does the
>compiler generate DOS or Win95 executables?

I have the book. I am unable to install the compiler on Windows 95
(the install program gets into a loop asking me to insert the
diskette). Knowing Wirth, I doubt it generates DOS or Windows
executables; instead he would generate an executable for his
pseudo-Risc machine, and provide an interpreter to execute the
generated code. The interpreter would run under Windows, but execute
your program in a DOS-like window. (this is just a guess, since I
haven't gotten it to install yet).

Below is the README.TXT file from the diskette that comes with the book.

                          This is the diskette accompanying the book:
                    "Principles & Techniques of Compiler Construction"
                                                          by N. Wirth

This diskette is structured as follows:

\SOURCES This directory contains the source code of the Oberon-O
                      compiler described in the book. It is subdivided into the
                      following subdirectories:

    \OBERON ETH-Oberon text files. (The files in this directory can
                      be used from any Oberon V4 System).
    \DOS DOS/Windows ascii files.
    \MAC Macintosh ascii files.
    \UNIX Unix ascii files.

\WIN_SYS This directory contains a complete Oberon System for
                    Windows 95, Windows NT or Win32s. The README.DOC
                    (Word 6.0 Format) or the README.TXT (ASCII) file from this
                    directory describes in details how to install the Oberon
                    System on your PC.

Other implementations of the Oberon System can be found on our
anonymous FTP server:

For more information about Oberon, have a look at the Oberon Home Page
on the Web. Its URL is

Michael A. Quinlan

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