Any Object Pascal/Delphi grammars around? (John F. Kaster)
25 Oct 1996 22:06:42 -0400

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From: (John F. Kaster)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers,
Date: 25 Oct 1996 22:06:42 -0400
Organization: Interface Technologies
Keywords: Pascal, parse, question, comment

I'm looking for a BNF, YACC, or EBNF grammar for Object Pascal or
Delphi. I need to do some Delphi source code analysis for a client,
and they need the code when I'm done. I was planning on using Visual
Parse++ with whatever grammar I produce, so any opinions or experience
with it would also be appreciated.

I found one site that mentioned a Pascal EBNF with Altavista, but
unfortunately that server is not currently available. Any help would
be greatly appreciated. It would seem silly for me to have to write
the whole grammar from scratch.

jfk ... Grok now or pay later
[There's a Pascal grammar mentioned in the FAQ. -John]

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