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Christian Rinderknecht <>
24 Oct 1996 22:21:03 -0400

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From: Christian Rinderknecht <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 24 Oct 1996 22:21:03 -0400
Organization: INRIA-Rocquencourt
References: 96-10-105
Keywords: tools

Tim Mew wrote:
> Has anyone had experience with ASN.1 compilers? I'm aware that there are 2
> out there, called SNACC and MAVROS.
> Can anyone comment as to the more reliable of the two in terms of memory
> leaks and other bugs? I'm looking at using ASN.1 BER encoding in a mission
> critical, "for(;;)" type of system, so memory leaks need to be avoided at
> all costs!

I am finishing a PhD about the formalisation of ASN.1, so I don't
directly use ASN.1 compilers (their back-ends are no concern of me)
but I use to be interested in the way they accept or reject correct
specifications. The main point is that they are in general not
robust. This is mainly due to the difficult interpretation of the
normative documents (ISO and ITU-T). You should have a look at

<a href="">ASN.1 Homepage</a>

You'll find a lot of fruitful pointers.

You should also post to the comp.protocols.iso newsgroup.

Their are two interesting mailing-list: (subscribe at
    which is the Open System Solution Inc. mailing list
    (BTW they sell a well-known compiler) (subscribe at
    which is the SNACC mailing-list.

Hope this helps,


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