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"James R. Reinders" <>
20 Oct 1996 16:44:03 -0400

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From: "James R. Reinders" <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 20 Oct 1996 16:44:03 -0400
Organization: Intel
References: 96-10-077
Keywords: C

Paul Hsieh wrote:
> I've heard rumors of a C compiler being written by Intel called "Proton"
> which is supposed to be pretty darn awesome. I'd be grateful for any
> information about it.

Our "Proton" compiler requires that you already have Microsoft Visual
C++ on your system. If you have MS VC++, then you may be interested
in getting a copy. Otherwise, the compiler won't work for you -
because we do not supply libraries, header files or a linker. (Can
you tell we started as a UNIX compiler - where those things came with
the OS?)

If you want to get a copy and provide us feedback on how it works for
you - then you can get a free copy. The compiler is good, but not for
everyone... it does not support C++ (in 1996) and it does not run as
the compiler in the IDE (you invoke from the command line). Please
only order if you want performance - and will give us some feedback on
what you think. To get the compiler free, you can join the beta
program by calling 1-800-253-3696. They will ask you some questions
(name, address, phone, e-mail, etc.)

When they ask you what product you want to order, tell them the "PTS
Beta" (PTS Beta 4)
[PTS == Performance Tool Set].

What you will get is a Win/32 (Win/NT and Win/95) compatible C
compiler and some other cool software.

We have a new beta program starting in January which will offer an
improved compiler which supports C++ fully.

The compiler is really cool. We have a great team at Intel working on
it - and we are consistently improving it. We are focused on
supporting key software vendors who want performance - and we have
gotten good speedups by just recompiling. It is moderately mature now
as compilers go, we are always happy to hear about (and fix) problems.
Proton is very good at scheduling FP code, and at using profile guided
feedback to optimize server applications (like databases).

- james
[What about us trogs who run Unix on our Pentium boxes? -John]


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