* RTCSA96: Advance Program, Registration and Hotel Reservation Information

sslim@phantom.snu.ac.kr (Lim Sung-Soo)
8 Oct 1996 00:14:08 -0400

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* RTCSA96: Advance Program, Registration and Hotel Reservation Informa sslim@phantom.snu.ac.kr (1996-10-08)
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From: sslim@phantom.snu.ac.kr (Lim Sung-Soo)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 8 Oct 1996 00:14:08 -0400
Organization: Seoul National University, Korea
Keywords: conference, realtime

          __ __ __ __ __ ' __ __ Third International Workshop
        /_/ / / /_ /_/ /_/ /_ on Real-Time Computing Systems
      /\ / /_ __/ / / __/ /_/ and Applications



Third International Workshop on Real-Time Computing Systems
and Applications

Oct. 30 - Nov. 1, 1996
Seoul National University
Seoul, Korea

Sponsored by
Korea Information Science Society

In Cooperation with
IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on
Real-Time Systems

IEEE RTCSA'96 Home Page


8:30 -- 9:40 Invited Talk I

Hideyuki Tokuda (Keio University, Japan)

9:40 -- 9:50 Break

9:50 -- 11:30 Session 1: Multimedia

                Elimination of Data Copying for Multimedia Communication
                K. S. Yu, H. Yoo

                A Study on Transmitting MPEG-I Video over a FDDI Network
                J. K-Y. Ng

                Sending, Receiving and Presenting Multimedia Data over
                                Network for Tele-Medical Diagnosis (MediNet)
                Y-G. Seo, M-R. Jung, and H-S. Oh

                Continuous Media Storage System Supporting VBR Streams
                T. Nakajima and H. Tezuka

11:30 -- 11:45 Break

11:45 -- 13:00 Session 2: Communications I

                The Design and Comparison of Two IPC Control Methods
                                in an ATM Switching Control System
                H-S. Park, S-J. Moon, M-H. Lee, and K-S. Song

                Evaluation of the Communication Latency over Real-Time
Channel in HARTS
                S. K. Jeong, J. H. Park, W. H. Kwon, and K. G. Shin

                Real-Time Multicast Routing with Optimal Network Cost
                X. Jia, J. Cao, and W. Jia

13:00 -- 14:00 Lunch

14:00 -- 15:10 Invited Talk II

Guaranteeing Real-Time Traffic Through an ATM Network
Hans Hansson (Uppsala University, Sweden)

15:10 -- 15:20 Break

15:20 -- 17:00 Session 3: Databases I

                Incorporating Load Factor into the Scheduling of Soft
Real-Time Transactions for Main Memory Databases
                D-K. Hong, M-J. Kim, and S. Chakravarthy

                An Extensible Architecture of Main-Memory Real-Time
Storage Systems
                S. K. Cha, J. H. Park, S. J. Lee, B. D. Park, and J. S. Lee

                Efficiently Supporting Hard/Soft Deadline Transactions
                                in Real-Time Database Systems
                C-G. Lee, Y-K. Kim, S. H. Son, S. L. Min, and C. S. Kim

                T*-tree : A Main Memory Database Index Structure
                                for Real Time Applications
                K-R. Choi and K-C. Kim

17:00 -- 17:15 Break

17:15 -- 18:30 Session 4: Specification and Verification

                The Verification Technique of Real-Time Systems
Using Probabilities
                S. Yamane

                Ada 95 as Implementation Vehicle for Formal Specifications
                K. Brink, J. van. Katwijk, and W. J. Toetenel

                Scalable Compositional Verification of High-Level Real-Time
                                Concurrent Systems
                F. Wang


8:30 -- 9:40 Invited Talk III

Timing Validation and Temporal Quality-of-Service Guarantees
                Jane W. S. Liu (University of Illinois, USA)

9:40 -- 9:50 Break

9:50 -- 11:30 Session 5: Databases II

     BAP: A Class of Abort-Oriented Protocols Based on the Notion
of Compatibility
                M-C. Liang, T-W. Kuo, and L. Shu

                Impact of Priority Assignment on Optimistic Concurrency
Control in Distributed Real-Time Databases
                K-Y. Lam, V. C. S. Lee, S-L. Hung, and B. C. M. Kao

                A Multiversion Locking Protocol for Real-Time Databases
with Multilevel Security
                C. Park and S. Park

                A Pre-emptive Transaction Scheduling Protocol for
                                Controlling Priority Inversion
                K-W. Lam and S-L. Hung

11:30 -- 11:45 Break

11:45 -- 13:00 Session 6: Fault Tolerance

                On the Real Time Diagnosability Multiprocessor Systems
                                by Comparison Approach
                C. S. Rhee, H-J. Kwon, Y-T. Kwon, and B-W. Choi

                Designing a Real-Time Recoverable Action
                C. E. Moron

                Toward Adaptable Distributed Real-Time Computer Systems
                M. D. Baba, H. Ekiz, A. Kutlu, and E. T. Powner

13:00 -- 14:00 Lunch

14:00 -- 15:10 Invited Talk IV

   Fault-Tolerance in Distributed Real-Time Systems
                Farnam Jahanian (University of Michigan, USA)

15:10 -- 15:20 Break

15:20 -- 17:00 Session 7: Timing Analysis

Worst-Case Timing Prediction of Relay Ladder Logic
by Constraint Analysis
                K. Koo and W. H. Kwon

                Safe and Efficient Elimination of Infeasible Execution Paths
in WCET Estimation
                A. A. Kountouris

                Using Harmonic Task-Sets to Increase the Schedulable Utilization
                                of Cache-Based Preemptive Real-Time Systems
                J. V. Busquets-Mataix and A. Wellings

                Static Scheduling of Hard Real-Time Code with Instruction-level
                                Timing Accuracy
                T. M. Chung and H. G. Dietz

17:00 -- 17:15 Break

17:15 -- 18:30 Session 8: Communications II

                An Error Control Scheme for Ethernet-Based Real-Time
                J. Lee and S. Park

                The Cyclic Services In an Industrial Network
                M. Li

                uITRON bus: A Real-Time Control LAN for Open Network Environment
                H. Mori, Y. Mano, H. Takada, and K. Sakamura


8:30 -- 9:40 Invited Talk V

Software Architecture for Real-Time Applications
                C. Douglass Locke (Lockheed Martin Corporation, USA)

9:40 -- 9:50 Break

9:50 -- 11:30 Session 9 : Operating Systems

                Priority Inversion Handling in Microkernel-based Real-Time Mike
                J. Shim, K. Choi, G. Jung, S. Park, H. Shin, and D. Kim

                New Architecture of Industrial Systems with Real-Time ATM Middleware
                I. Mizunuma, C. Shen, and M. Takegaki

                Quality Criteria for Realtime Microkernel Products
                T. Ohkubo, I. Takenaka, T. Wasano, and M. Omiya

                Experiences with Adaptive QOS Mapping Scheme
                T. Nakajima and H. Fujita

11:30 -- 11:45 Break

11:45 -- 13:00 Session 10: Software Systems and Programming Environments

                Reactive Scripts
                F. Boussinot and L. Hazard

                GNASS : A GNAT-based Allocation and Scheduling System
                B. Noorduin, J. van Katwijk, and C. Pronk

                Hardware-Software Codesign of Resource-Constrained Real-Time Systems
                S. Yoo, J. Jeon, S. Hong, and K. Choi

13:00 -- 14:00 Lunch

14:00 -- 16:05 Session 11: Scheduling

                Optimal Aperiodic Scheduling for Dynamic-Priority Systems
                I. Ripoll, A. Garcia-Fornes, and A. Crespo

                A Scheduling Technique for Real-Time Systems
                                with End-to-End Timing Constraints
                N. Kim

                A Heuristic Scheduling Algorithm of Imprecise Multiprocessor
                                System with 0/1 Constraint
                K. Yun, K. Song, K. Choi, G. Jung, S. Park,
                                M. Hong, and D. Choi

                Scheduling of Hard-Aperiodic Requests in Dynamic Priority Systems
                H. Kim, S. Lee, and J. Lee

                On Data Logging in Real-Time Process Control Systems
                J. Kim, and K. G. Shin


The International Workshop on Real-Time Computing Systems and
Applications (RTCSA) has become an annual international forum for
exchanging and disseminating recent development in real-time computing.
The emphasis has been to bring together researchers and practitioners
from academia, industry and government in order to advance the science
of real-time computing and promote its applications.
RTCSA '96 is the third workshop and will be held at Seoul National
University, Korea, October 30 - November 1, 1996. The proceedings
contain the technical papers selected for presentation at the
workshop. They cover a variety of topics in real-time computing,
including multimedia, communications, databases, formal methods, fault
tolerance, timing analysis, operating systems, programming
environments and scheduling. The technical program also includes five
invited talks that address important real-time issues, such as
distributed real-time systems, temporal QOS guarantees, ATM networks,
scheduling and software architecture.
The invited talks are by Hans Hansson (Uppsala University, Sweden),
Farnam Jahanian (University of Michigan, USA), Jane Liu (University of
Illinois, USA), Doug Locke (Lockheed Martin Corporation),
and Hideyuki Tokuda (Keio University, Japan).

We would like to thank all who have helped to make RTCSA '96 a great
success. We are grateful to the executive and advisory committees for
their continuing guidance and support for RTCSA. The program
committee provided valuable reviews and comments in selecting the
papers. Special thanks go to Kenji Toda, Sang Lyul Min and Seongsoo Hong
for handling publicity, local arrangements, registration, and publication.
Without their hard work, the workshop would not have been possible and
we are truly grateful. We would also like to thank the authors of the
submitted papers, which were essential in making the workshop
technically sound and stimulating.
We are thankful to the following sponsors of RTCSA '96: TRON Association,
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Hyundai Information Technology Co. Ltd.,
Automation Systems Research Institute, and Research Institute for
Advanced Computer Technology.

              General Co-Chairs Program Co-Chairs
                    Hide Tokuda Insup Lee
                Heung-Soon Ihm Heonshik Shin


Category Fee
IEEE, IEICE, IPSJ, or KISS member $300(or 240,000 Korean Won)
Non members $350(or 280,000 Korean Won)
Full-time Students $150(or 120,000 Korean Won)
(Late Fee : $50(or 40,000 Korean Won) is added after Oct. 25)

Registration fee includes: One reception, three breakfasts,
three lunches, coffee breaks, and a copy of the proceedings

RTCSA'96 Registration Form

Name _______________________________________________________

Affiliation ________________________________________________

Address ____________________________________________________


Phone ________________________ Fax ________________________

E-mail _____________________________________________________

Check appropriate boxes to indicate member status
IEEE [ ] IEICE [ ] IPSJ [ ] KISS [ ]

Member Number _____________________________________________

Registration Fee: $____________ or ____________ Korean Won

Hotel Reservation: $____________ or ____________ Korean Won

Total Charges Authorized: $_________ or _________ Korean Won

Check Enclosed [ ]

Visa [ ] Mastercard [ ]

Card Holder Name ___________________________________________

Card Number ________________________________________________

Expiration Date ____________________________________________

Signature ____________________ Date ______________________

Make checks payable to Sang Lyul Min and forward
with completed registration form to :

c/o Prof. Sang Lyul Min
Dept. of Computer Engineering
Seoul National University
Seoul 151-742, Korea
   Phone: +82-2-880-7047
                                Fax: +82-2-886-7589
                                Email: rtcsa96@dandelion.snu.ac.kr


Accommodation will be provided at the Hoam Faculty House situated
on Seoul National University Campus. Accommodation must be reserved
by payment of one night's tariff of $60 for each double or twin
room. Please send this reservation form along with the registration
form. The quoted room rate will apply for the period of Oct. 29
-- Nov. 1. Reservations should be received by Oct. 25, 1996.

Twin $60 [ ] ( or 50,000 Korean Won)
Double $60 [ ] ( or 50,000 Korean WOn)

Name _______________________________________________________

Sharing with _______________________________________________

Affiliation ________________________________________________

Address ___________________________________________________


Arrival date ________________ Arrival time ________________

Departure date ______________ Departure time _______________

E. General Information

Passport & Visa: Every foreign visitor entering Korea must be
in possession of a valid passport. No visa is required for a
stay of up to 15 days for citizens of most countries.
Contact the nearest Korean diplomatic or consular mission abroad
to make sure that this applies to you.

Currency: The unit of currency is the Korean Won.
There are banknotes for 1000, 5000 and 10,000 Won and coins in
denominations of 10, 50, 100 and 500 Won. Exchange rates fluctuate.
One US dollar is equivalent to about 815 Won as of Sept. 18, 1996.

Transportation: From Seoul Kimpo International Airport, take a taxi
to the Hoam Faculty House (Seoul National University). The ride is
about 40 minutes. We plan to operate a carpool program. More details
about the carpool program will be mailed to you after we receive
your registration.

Weather: The average temperature in late October and early November
is around 10 C. Winter clothing is recommended with a jacket for

Further Information: For further information, contact Sang Lyul Min,
Department of Computer Engineering, Seoul National University, Seoul,
Korea 151-742 at +82-2-880-7047 (phone), +82-2-886-7589 (fax) or
by email at (symin@dandelion.snu.ac.kr).


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