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20 Aug 1996 23:07:28 -0400

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From: (Richard Weaver )
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 20 Aug 1996 23:07:28 -0400
Organization: Compilers Central
References: 96-08-056
Keywords: history, bibliography

I'd try:

Saul Rosen: Programming Systems and Languages. Has early papers on
languages and compiling and begins with a "Historical Survey.

Richard Wexelblat: History of Programming Languages. Has a discussion with
John Backus re Fortran (and the 1st Fortran was a compiler implementation
project, the language was only "input"). From page 29 "... us to regard the
design of the translator as the real challenge, not the simple task of
designing the language".

Bary Pollack: Compiler Techniques. On pages 38-56 is "A History of Writing
Compilers" ----- by Donald E. Knuth. Sounds like it might be interesting.

Then there is the series that Richard Goodwin (?) started "Annual Review in
Automatic Programming". I don't know how long this series lasted, but
seeing as how "Automatic Programming" is how we used to say "high-level
language" it should provide useful detail at least through the 1960s.

Good luck
Dick W

Might also look at Alt's "Advances in Computing", an annual beginning about


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