Re: flex - solaris/linux problem (Nathan D Green)
20 Aug 1996 15:01:40 -0400

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Re: flex - solaris/linux problem (1996-08-20)
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From: (Nathan D Green)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 20 Aug 1996 15:01:40 -0400
Organization: North Dakota Higher Education Computing Network (NDHECN)
References: 96-08-060
Keywords: lex, comment

Steven Hindle ( wrote:
: Everything seems fine, but when I run 'test' it just returns without doing
: anything. ( Note: I did use -I)

: The really screwy part is if I run it under gbd and break on 'main' then
: works PERFECTLY !!??

: [Works fine on my BSD/OS box, is this maybe a shared library peculiarity?
: -John]

Much Simpler. 'test' is a built in shell command (for some shells). Gdb
can't see the built-in test, so it loads and runs the test in the current

To execute 'test', specify the path: './test'

The moral: Give your temporary executables descriptive names like 'a.out'.

Nathan Green (
[About a dozen other people pointed this out as well. Thanks to all. -John]

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