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Peter Brueckner <>
19 Aug 1996 23:10:24 -0400

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From: Peter Brueckner <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 19 Aug 1996 23:10:24 -0400
Organization: Brueckner & Jarosch Erfurt
References: 96-08-039
Keywords: C++, OOP, translator

It's always a good choice to use the old sources (frozen knowledge) to
migrate to another system perhaps after compiling to the new sources you can
start with the work (not the meta-work of building new libs or
hand-rewriting of your code).

We develop compilers from 4th-gen-langs to C++ or P-Code-Systems and i think
this work (Simula->C++) is much easier (About half a year or one year).

The other possibility is to use the complete old system with a
normal-Simula Compiler and 'embed' the result in a C++-System.


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