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Bob Runyan <>
11 Aug 1996 10:11:07 -0400

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From: Bob Runyan <>
Date: 11 Aug 1996 10:11:07 -0400
Organization: Lahey Computer Systems, Inc.
Keywords: Fortran, available

Elf90: The unCOMMON Fortran

Lahey Computer System is offering its Elf90 language system, minus
debugger, editor, manual, and technical support, for FREE. Just
download from our web site:

Basic Language and User documentation are provided on the web site,
as well as Elf90 example code and a document explaining Elf90's
design and rationale.

Elf90 is a clean subset of the Fortran 90 language intended for
people learning Fortran 90 and for people writing new code. Elf90
eliminates older Fortran features for which there are Fortran 90
alternatives and encourages a disciplined, maintainable, readable
style. Elf90 is not recommended for porting older code. Elf90 has
all of the powerful new features of Fortran, including:

o modules,
o array expressions,
o interface blocks,
o derived types,
o pointers,
o array intrinsics,
o internal procedures,
o allocatable arrays,
o select case,
o free source form, and
o long variable names

Can your COMMONs, expunge your EQUIVALENCEs, make more of your
MODULEs. Download a copy of Elf90 today.

System Requirements:
o 486DX, Pentium, or Pentium Pro
o DOS 3.3 or higher, Windows 95, or Windows NT
o 8MB RAM, 16MB recommended, 32MB recommended with Windows 95 or
            Windows NT
o 12MB hard disk space


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