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Alex Aiken <aiken@CS.Berkeley.EDU>
23 Jul 1996 23:30:11 -0400

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freely available compiler course project aiken@CS.Berkeley.EDU (Alex Aiken) (1996-07-23)
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From: Alex Aiken <aiken@CS.Berkeley.EDU>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 23 Jul 1996 23:30:11 -0400
Organization: Compilers Central
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Cool (the Classroom Object-Oriented Language) is a language
implementation project designed for teaching the basics of compiler
construction to undergraduates. I've been using Cool to teach
compilers at the University of California, Berkeley for the last two
years. Designing and debugging a course project is a big job, and it
has always struck me that no compiler projects are widely shared
within the CS education community. I am distributing Cool in the hope
that other instructors will find it useful, and also to encourage
other instructors to make their course projects available.

Significant effort has been spent to make Cool portable,
well-documented, and precisely specified. All the details of the
project, as well as ports to several Unix machines, can be found on
the Cool WWW page at If you
don't have WWW access, the materials are available via ftp from in the directory pub/cool.

Note that Cool is not a compiler course, it is the compiler project
component of a compiler course. However, lecture notes---for the
course project and for all the other topics I cover---are also
available from the Cool page.

Alex Aiken

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