Scheme compiler and compiler toolkit in Java

Per Bothner <>
22 Jul 1996 10:43:14 -0400

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Scheme compiler and compiler toolkit in Java (Per Bothner) (1996-07-22)
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From: Per Bothner <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 22 Jul 1996 10:43:14 -0400
Organization: Compilers Central
Keywords: Scheme, Java, available

    The latest release of the Kawa Scheme-in-Java system is now
    compiler-based. All procedures are compiled on-type-fly
    into Java bytescodes.

    The release includes the "codegen" package, which is independent
    of Scheme. This is a set of Java classes that handle most of the
    details needed to generate Java bytecode (.class) files.

    The full sources and (minimal) documentation is available from

    The pre-compiled .class files (only) are in the same directory
    in kawa-0.3-compiled.tar.gz.

    The release will shortly also be available from:

    A slightly out-of-date design document discussing how to compile
    Scheme into Java is in

    Kawa 0.3.

    The biggest single change is that Scheme procedures are now compiled
    to Java bytecodes. This is mainly for efficiency, but it also allows
    us to do tail-recursion-elimination in some cases.

    The internal structure of Kawa has been extensively re-written,
    especially how syntax transforms, eval, and apply are done,
    largely due to the needs for compilation.

    Almost all the R4RS procedures are now implemented, except that
    there are stiil large gaps in Section 6.5 "Numbers".

    A new author: This release is made by Per Bothner of Cygnus Support,
    with help from R. Alexander Milowsk, the original author of Kawa.

    Free for commercial and non-commercial use.


    Per Bothner <> (current release)
    R. Alexander Milowski <> (previous releases)

    In general, contact Per Bothner <>. However,
    I will be on vacation until August 12, so non-critical problems
    should wait. If there is a critical problem (i.e. I really
    screwed up), try contacting Anthony Green <>.

--Per Bothner
Cygnus Support

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