Compiler positions available for week ending July 21
21 Jul 1996 08:50:27 -0400

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Compiler positions available for week ending July 21 (1996-07-21)
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Date: 21 Jul 1996 08:50:27 -0400
Organization: Compilers Central
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This is a digest of ``help wanted'' and ``position available'' messages
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From: Jack Davidson <>
Subject: Position available
Organization: University of Virginia Computer Science Department
Date: Mon, 15 Jul 1996 17:00:11 GMT

Post-Doc Researcher/Research Assistant Professor

The High-Performance Systems Software group at the University of Virginia is
looking for a highly motivated individual to work with us in the area of
compiler development. We are particularly interested in candidates with
interests and ideas in optimization, retargetability, and machine
specification. A Ph.D. in Computer Science is required.

The individual will work with the PI's, research scientists, and
graduate students on the design, implementation, testing, and
distribution of the National Shared Compiler Infrastructure.
The individual will be expected to work with the team to publish in
both conferences and journals, participate in the proposal writing
process, and help coordinate with project sponsors.

Particularly well-qualified and experienced applicants may be eligible
for an appointment as a research assistant professor.

The University of Virgnia is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action

The UVa/Charlottesville Community

The University of Virginia is located in historic Charlottesville
Virginia. The University, founded by Thomas Jefferson, has a long
tradition of academic excellence. Charlottesville is a small town of
approximately fifty thousand located in the Piedmont region of
Virginia. It is two hours from Washington D.C., and thirty minutes
from Skyline drive in the Shenandoah National Park.

See the Virginia and Charlottesville home pages at:

Applications should be addressed to:
Professor Jack Davidson
Department of Computer Science
Olsson Hall
University of Virginia
Charlottesville, VA 22903

Jack W. Davidson 804-982-2209 (voice)
Associate Professor 804-982-2214 (FAX)
Dept. of Computer Science
University of Virginia


Date: Sat, 20 Jul 1996 10:22:16 -0700
From: Robert Hood <>
Organization: NASA Ames Research Center
Subject: Research & Software Engineering Positions at MRJ--NASA Ames


    MRJ, Inc. has several immediate openings for research computer
    scientists and software engineers in the Parallel Tools team at the
    Numerical Aerodynamic Simulation (NAS) facility at NASA Ames Research


    Develop and demonstrate innovative technologies for debugging and
    monitoring parallel applications.


    MRJ will be filling both research positions and software engineering
    positions. The research positions require a Ph.D. in computer science
    or equivalent experience; the software engineering require substantial
    programming experience. We are looking for innovative, organized
    individuals who work well in a group environment and have demonstrated
    experience in the following areas:

          - substantial experience with UNIX
          - use of X/Motif in building GUI's
          - experience with message passing systems such as PVM or MPI
          - working knowledge of FORTRAN
          - extensive programming in C; use of C++ a plus, plus
          - parallel processing (programming, system software and/or

    In addition, the following would be helpful:

          - experience on multiprocessors such as the IBM SP-2,
              SGI POWER/Challenge, or Cray J90
          - compiler development using various frontend/backend tools
          - familiarity with High Performance Fortran (HPF)
          - experience with a GUI builder such as TeleUse or BuilderXcessory
          - knowledge of computational fluid dynamics and parallel algorithms
          - familiarity with High Performance Fortran (HPF), and
          - familiarity with HTML and the World Wide Web.


    The NASA Ames Research Center, located near Mountain View, California,
    was recently designated as NASA's Center of Excellence in Information
    Technology. This role makes the center responsible for integrating
    various aspects of information technology, including vector
    supercomputing, parallel computing, and networking, into NASA's other
    efforts, including aeronautics and space sciences.

    The NAS program is part of a central core of programs at NASA Ames
    which have information technology as their focus. As part of its
    pathfinding role for NASA in the area of high-speed computing over the
    last decade, NAS has acquired and provided access to some of the most
    advanced computing systems available. These systems have included the
    Thinking Machines CM-2 and CM-5, the Intel iPSC/860 and Paragon, and
    currently include a 160-processor IBM SP2, a 48-processor SGI Power
    Challenge Array, a 16-processor Cray C90, and a 32-processor Cray J90
    cluster. Part of NAS's mission is to provide a suitable environment
    (which includes system software, tools, and libraries) for scientists
    to develop applications on these machines. The NAS environment
    encourages continuing education and intellectual growth, including
    writing, publishing, and presenting technical papers.

    The Parallel Tools Team in NAS is currently pursuing several projects
    that support the programming process on parallel and distributed
    machines. For more information about the projects with open
    positions, please see:


    MRJ, Inc. serves as an on-site contractor at NAS, performing research
    and development activities. It is an employee-owned company focused on
    providing state-of-the-art solutions to the most challenging problems
    facing its customers in government and industry. Founded in 1978, MRJ
    has increased its annual revenues by more than 20% each year. MRJ's
    success and growth continue to be remarkable; especially given today's
    rapidly changing business climate. This growth can be attributed to
    the talents and expertise of our employees and a stimulating work
    environment; making MRJ a vital, growth-oriented, cutting-edge
    technology company with offices in Virginia, Pennsylvania, Arizona,
    Georgia, Massachusetts, and California.

    MRJ provides a comprehensive benefits package.


    For more information about MRJ-NASA Ames, please see:


          - Robert Hood, Phone: (415) 604-0740, Email:
          - Jerry Yan, Phone: (415) 604-4381, Email:


    If you are qualified, and interested in applying for this position,
    please send a cover letter (referring to position announcement
    "PT9607RD") and resume to:

                MRJ Human Resources (PT9607RD)
                NASA Ames Research Center
                Mail Stop 258-6
                Moffett Field, CA 94035-1000

                FAX: (415) 966-8669

    or Email (plain ASCII text please) with Subject "RESUME: PT9607RD" to:


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