Re: C++ Class wrapper for yacc

Scott Stanchfield <>
20 Jul 1996 21:29:15 -0400

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Re: C++ Class wrapper for yacc (1996-07-20)
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From: Scott Stanchfield <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers,
Date: 20 Jul 1996 21:29:15 -0400
Organization: McCabe & Associates
References: 96-07-048 96-07-088 96-07-118
Keywords: parse, C++

First, take a look at PCCTS. It's not yacc (but that's a good thing)
and it has a really good C++ interface.

Next, if you insist on yacc (or are forced to use it you poor soul):

The Language List - Version 2.4, January 23, 1995

Collected information on about 2350 computer languages, past and

Available online as:

Maintained by:

Bill Kinnersley
Computer Science Department
University of Kansas
Lawrence, KS 66045

-- thanks to Bill!)

yacc - Yet Another Compiler Compiler. Language used by the Yacc LALR
parser generator. "YACC - Yet Another Compiler Compiler", S.C. Johnson,
TR 32, Bell Labs (Jul 1975).
  ayacc - UC Irvine. written in Ada, produces Ada output
  Bison - from GNU
  Bison++ - produces C++ output.
  perl-byacc - produces perl output
  SASL-yacc - "Yacc in SASL - An Exercise in Functional Programming",
Peyton-Jones, Software Prac & Exp 15:807-820 (1985). Mentions also a
  yacc++ - 1990. An object-oriented rewrite of yacc, supports regular
ressions, produces an LR(1) parser. "YACC Meets C++", S.C. Johnson,
Spring '88 Conf. Chris Clark, Compiler Resources Inc, Barbara Zino
<> (508) 435-5016.
  MLYACC - Implementation and output in SML/NJ

Good luck!

Vipul Gore wrote:
> Hi,
> Is there a C++ Class wrapper for yacc like flex++ (FlexLexer.h)?

Scott Stanchfield McCabe & Associates -- Columbia, Maryland

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