Coco/R for C++ and other new developments

"Pat Terry" <>
18 Jul 1996 23:57:04 -0400

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Coco/R for C++ and other new developments (Pat Terry) (1996-07-18)
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From: "Pat Terry" <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 18 Jul 1996 23:57:04 -0400
Organization: Rhodes University
Keywords: tools, parse, available, attribute

New releases of Coco/R

The latest versions of Coco/R - including the new C++ version - are now
available from the sites listed below:

Latest developments:

Turbo Pascal and Modula-2 versions:

Version 1.40 has been developed to be as portable as possible across all
many Modula-2 compilers and operating systems. There are numerous small
improvements from earlier versions, and to bring it more in line with the
1.06 C/C++ version.

C/C++ version:

Version 1.06 has the option of generating either C or C++ code. The C++
version generates scanner and parser classes based on a simple but effective
class hierarchy. This C/C++ version is released by Frankie Arzu

It is hoped in time to provide a set of "larger" examples using Coco/R.
A few of these have already been placed on the server at One is
for a C-like language generating 80x86 code using IBURG, another is for the
well-known Pascal-S subset.

Within a few months my forthcoming introductory textbook on compiler
construction - which makes considerable use of Coco/r- is due for

                        Modula for DOS, Unix, Macintosh,
                        Turbo Pascal,
                        C/C++ for DOS, UNIX, OS/2

                        Modula for DOS, Unix
                        Turbo Pascal,
                        C/C++ for DOS, UNIX, OS/2

                        Modula for DOS,
                        Turbo Pascal,
                        C/C++ for DOS, UNIX, OS/2

                        Modula for DOS, Unix

                        Modula for DOS, Unix
                        Turbo Pascal,
                        C/C++ for DOS, UNIX, OS/2

Look for the files README.1st and READ.ME for details of what to get and how
to unpack the kits.

For those who do not know, Coco/R generates recursive descent parsers and
their associated scanners from attribute grammars. Coco/R is extremely easy
to use - for example, the scanner and the parser are both generated from a
common input grammar specification file, and the system also generates a
driver program for the complete compiler. Full source code and a variety
of simple example applications are supplied in the distribution kits.

Pat Terry, Computer Science, Rhodes University, GRAHAMSTOWN 6140, RSA or or
Voice +27-461-318291 or +27-461-318292 FAX +27-461-25049

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