AT&T compatible C++ compiler

Robert Mueller <>
18 Jul 1996 23:53:02 -0400

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From: Robert Mueller <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 18 Jul 1996 23:53:02 -0400
Organization: Uni Leipzig
Keywords: C++, question


An OO-database vendor told me that the C++-code generated by their
database tools (e.g., by the precompiler) will only work with an AT&T
compatible C++-compiler. So what C++ compilers - available for Sun
(SunOS5.5) and HP - are AT&T compatible? I assume GNU is NOT (?). And I
furthermore assume that these AT&T compatible C++ Compilers are all

Would be great if someone could help me.

Dipl. Math. Robert Mueller Tel.: (+49) 341 97 32227
Institut fuer Informatik Fax.: (+49) 341 97 32209
Universitaet Leipzig, Augustusplatz 10/11, 04109 Leipzig , Germany
[They probably mean that they use the ugly cfront C++ to C translator,
in some unspecified version. Ugh. -John]


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