Smart textual editors (Vijay Gupta)
15 Jul 1996 11:48:38 -0400

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From: (Vijay Gupta)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 15 Jul 1996 11:48:38 -0400
Organization: Texas Instruments
Keywords: tools, question

I was looking for smart textual editors. By smart, I mean editors
which might be doing data flow analysis and such things even while the
editing is in progress so that they can point out the errors to the
programmer. (e.g. if certain part of the code is unreachable, then it
might give hints to the programmer etc.)

Do any such editors exist ?

Further, if they do, are they available on the public domain ?

In case there are no such editors, what are the smartest editors
available (apart from emacs) ?

I would appreciate if the responses are emailed to me as well. I
would be very glad to summarize all the responses and post it on this

Thank you very much,
[I've seen plenty of syntax editors, none of which seemed to me to be worth
the grief they cause. (Many common editing operations are hard to express
in syntactical terms, e.g. moving parens around.) But I've never seen one
that tries to analyze the semantics of the code you're typing. -John]


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