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13 Jul 1996 21:59:08 -0400

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From: (Jeffrey Dean)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 13 Jul 1996 21:59:08 -0400
Organization: Computer Science & Engineering, U of Washington, Seattle
References: 96-07-058
Keywords: books, OOP, bibliography

: I'm looking for books, papers, TR, ... about implementation of
: Object-Oriented languages. The Peyton-Jones's "The Implementation of
: Functional Programming Languages" covers in detail functional languages.
: Any such book exists for Object-Oriented languages?

I'm not aware of any books that cover O-O language implementation in
any detail, but there are lots of good papers and theses on
implementation techniques. I would recommend the following as good
starting points. The last three suggestions all have lengthy
bibliographies that point to other work).

    title="Efficient Implementation of the {Smalltalk-80} System",
    author="L. Peter Deutsch and Allan M. Schiffman",
    booktitle="Proceedings of Synposium on Principles of
                          Programming Languages, No. 11",
    address="Salt Lake City, Utah",

    author="Craig Chambers",
    title="The Design and Implementation of the SELF Compiler, an
                  Optimizing Compiler for Object-Oriented Programming Languages",
    school="Stanford University",
    note="Published as technical report STAN-CS-92-1420"

    author= {Urs H{\"o}lzle},
    title="Adaptive Optimization for Self: Reconciling High Performance
                                    with Exploratory Programming",
    school="Stanford University",

Our research group has just produced a new TR that combines a bunch of
our recent publications into one lengthy TR:

    author="Craig Chambers and Jeffrey Dean and David Grove",
    title="Whole-Program Optimization of Object-Oriented Languages",
    institution= "Department of Computer Science and Engineering.
                                University of Washington",

Several WWW sites have on-line versions of these and other relevant papers
(the Deutsch and Shiffman paper is not on-line, however, as far as I know).

Self project (has Chambers's & Hoelzle's theses):

Cecil project (has the whole-program optimization TR and several other papers):

OOCSB project:

UMass OO systems group:

Happy reading,
-- Jeff

Jeffrey Dean ( Graduate Student, Cecil Project
Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering University of Washington

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