XPL compiler ported to Intel (on FreeBSD)

Dave Bodenstab <imdave@synet.net>
10 Jul 1996 12:12:35 -0400

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XPL compiler ported to Intel (on FreeBSD) imdave@synet.net (Dave Bodenstab) (1996-07-10)
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From: Dave Bodenstab <imdave@synet.net>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 10 Jul 1996 12:12:35 -0400
Organization: Compilers Central
Keywords: tools, history, available


I've dug out a rather old compiler/compiler generator called XPL, and
ported it to the Intel 486. It's documented in the book "A Compiler
Generator" by McKeeman, Horning and Wortman, published by Prentice-Hall,
1970, ISBN 13-155077-2. The original compiler was designed for the IBM
S/360. The language is XPL, a dialect of PL/I. The compiler is written
in XPL. The package constain the compiler, bnf grammar, grammar analyzer,
skeleton compiler, S/360 emulator to bootstrap the build, and all source.

It was ported on a FreeBSD Unix system, so I suspect that other BSD
variants will require a few changes, and Linux a few more.

It's available from:



Dave Bodenstab
[XPL was one of the earlier system programming languages. You could call it a
predecessor of C not particularly for its design but for what people used it
for. -John]


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