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peterk@CS.LeidenUniv.NL (P. Knijnenburg)
2 Jul 1996 12:37:27 -0400

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Subroutine On Demand-service peterk@CS.LeidenUniv.NL (1996-07-02)
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From: peterk@CS.LeidenUniv.NL (P. Knijnenburg)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 2 Jul 1996 12:37:27 -0400
Organization: Leiden University, Dept. of Mathematics & Computer Science, The Netherlands
Keywords: available, arithmetic, WWW

                            Subroutine On Demand-service

The Computer and Software Systems group of the Department of Computer Science
at Leiden University proudly presents a new WWW service.

In the mathematical software community, it has been widely accepted that
adopting a library of basic routines for problems in linear algebra can help
in improving the clarity, portability, modularity, maintenance, robustness,
and even the efficiency of mathematical software. Examples of such
libraries include Level 1, 2, 3 BLAS, EISPACK, LINPACK, LAPACK etc. These
libraries mainly deal with dense matrices. A similar approach can be taken
for mathematical software that deals with general sparse matrices. The
package SPARSKIT provides many primitives for working with sparse matrices.

Developing, optimizing, and maintaining sparse software by hand is an
error-prone and complex task. In an attempt to resolve these problems, the
group at Leiden has proposed an alternative approach to the development of
sparse software. Rather than dealing with the sparsity of matrices at
programming level, the sparsity is dealt with at compilation level. A
special kind of restructuring compiler, referred to as a sparse compiler,
automatically transforms a dense program into efficient sparse code that
operates on sparse storage schemes.

This experimental service provides you with an interface to our sparse
compiler and allows you to obtain sparse versions of Level 2 BLAS and Level
3 BLAS subroutines. The compiler transforms the program into a sparse
version which is then sent back to you.

The Subroutine On Demand-service can be accessed through the following URL:

We hope to welcome you to our service,

Best regards,

Aart J.C. Bik
Peter J.H. Brinkhaus
Peter M.W. Knijnenburg
Harry A.G. Wijshoff

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