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2 Jul 1996 12:34:15 -0400

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From: (Stephen J Bevan)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 2 Jul 1996 12:34:15 -0400
Organization: Harlequin Ltd, Manchester, UK
References: 96-06-150
Keywords: books, optimize (Salem Reyen) writes:
      [ Are there any other books on P.E. other than Jones&Gomard&Sestoft
          and Consel&Danvy ]

The only other one I know if is by Pagan [Pagan:pcclp:1991], though
this is at a more introductory book than Jones&Gomard&Sestoft and is
geared towards practical use of PE in the construction of lexers and
parsers (for a review see the computing reviews 9108-0589). If you
can't find the book, a couple of papers, one in Software Practice &
Experience [Pagan:spe:1988] and one in Sigplan Notices
[Pagan:acm:sigplan:1990] give a flavour of the book.

{ Pagan:spe:1988
, author= "F. G. Pagan"
, title= "Converting interpreters into compilers"
, journal= spe
, volume= 18
, pages= "509--527"
, year= 1988
, reffrom= Pagan:acm:sigplan:1990
, reffrom= Hannan:Miller:acm:lfp:1990

{ Pagan:acm:sigplan:1990
, author= "Frank G. Pagan"
, title= "Comparative Efficiency of General and Residual Parsers"
, journal= acm:sigplan
, volume= 25
, number= 4
, pages= "59--68"
, month= apr
, year= 1990
, checked= 19940602
, refs= 6
, keywords= "partial evaluation, parsers, source"
, abstract= "Some fundamentals of the partial computation concept are
concisely reviewed, including its relevance to the relationship
between table-driven, general syntactic analyzers and
source-language-specific, residual syntactic analyzers. A manual
methodology for converting genral parsers into generators of residual
parsers is explained, using an LL(1) parser as a detailed example.
The results of several experiments are reported, comparing the time
and speace efficiencies of different general parsers with
corresponding, automatically generated, residual parsers. The latter
parsers are usually several times faster than the former ones."

{ Pagan:pcclp:1991
, author= "Frank G. Pagan"
, title= "Partial computation and the construction of language processors"
, publisher= "Prentice-Hall"
, year= 1991
, cr= "9108-0589"
, keywords= "partial evaluation"
, reffrom= Pagan:acm:sigplan:1990

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