Compiler positions available for week ending June 30
30 Jun 1996 16:28:42 -0400

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Compiler positions available for week ending June 30 (comp.compilers) (2002-07-02)
Compiler positions available for week ending June 30 (1996-06-30)
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Date: 30 Jun 1996 16:28:42 -0400
Organization: Compilers Central
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This is a digest of ``help wanted'' and ``position available'' messages
received at comp.compilers during the preceding week. Messages must
advertise a position having something to do with compilers and must also
conform to the guidelines periodically posted in
Positions that remain open may be re-advertised once a month. To respond
to a job offer, send mail to the author of the message. To submit a
message, mail it to


Date: Mon, 24 Jun 1996 16:58:39 -0700
From: lbj@mamacita-178.Eng.Sun.COM (Lisa Blos-Johnson [TEMP])
Subject: Join Sun's Advanced Processor Group!

Sun's Advanced Processor Group is soliciting resumes from
motivated individuals interested in advancing
the state-of-the-art for our UltraSparc and JavaChip
families. If your interests are in CPU architecture and/or
compiler backend research and development, please send a
resume or call:

Lisa Blos-Johnson
PH-(408) 774-8674
FAX(408) 328-8812

We have immediate openings for people whose interests include
any of the following:

o CPU microarchitecture/ISA evaluation
o Compiler backend prototyping
   o Memory hierarchy management software techniques
o Benchmark performance analysis
o Graphics and Sun VIS (Visual Instruction Set) studies

We will consider both new college graduates and experienced

Give us a call! We would love to talk with you!


Date: Wed, 26 Jun 1996 12:10:24 +0100
From: Nick Wainwright <>
Organization: Hewlett Packard Laboratories, Bristol, UK
Subject: Compiler position available at HP, Bristol, England

Hewlett Packard Laboratories, Bristol, England have a position available for
a person with compiler experience. Please note that applicants will be
expected to have a PhD or have carried out equivalent level research in a
compilers or a compiler related area.

For futher information, see our jobs
page, ref Advanced Embedded Systems

or contact Nick Wainwright by email,

For further information on HP Labs, Bristol see our web page

Nick Wainwright |
Hewlett Packard Laboratories |
Filton Road, Bristol BS12 6QZ |
England. |


Date: 28 Jun 1996 08:23:43 -0600
From: "JFS" <>
Subject: AUS-TX- Microprocessor SW E

Job Title: Software Engineer-Microprocessor

Job Location: Austin, Texas

Compensation: up to $95K for a good match excellent benefits

Job Description: Seeking a software engineer with knowledge of issues
relating to microprocessor design and development. The individual should
have broad experience in a variety of areas of microprocessor architecture
such as: Operating systems, microkernel design, compilers (design,
construction, optimization), system level analysis, microprocessor level
analysis, and computer architecture.

Job Requirements: BS in CS or EE Experience with microprocessor design and
development. Experience in developing and shipping a product is a MUST!!
This position will not be filled by candidates lacking industry experience!
Good presentation skills are a plus.

Please email your resume to in plain ascii text format with
"6580DAS" in the subject line.

Scientific Placement takes a very personalized approach to matching
positions with individuals. Our consultants are knowledgeable,
professional, and specialize in Macintosh, Windows, and Unix positions
nationwide. These associates can provide advice on resume quality,
salary levels, and the demand for certain skills. We can put you in
touch with companies. All fees are paid by the employer. For
additional information see: HTTP://

Julie Sibley
Scientific Placement, Inc.
(713) 496 6100
(713) 496 0373 Fax


Date: 28 Jun 96 14:47:28 EDT
From: Carlo Walentiny <101604.1573@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: Positions Available at startup in Luxembourg

...reflective systems...dynamic compilation(RTCG)...persistent object
stores... 3D graphics...user interface design...program visualization implementation...(C++) compiler design...code generation...
intermediate representations...Fresco...Interviews...Oberon...object-
oriented design...meta programming...virtual reality...OpenGL...

                                Do any of these topics interest you?


                            Location: Luxembourg
                            Starting date: 1 September (negotiable)


Here is an opportunity to join a Luxembourg-based start-up
and take part in the development of a product which will set
a new standard for interactive programming environments.

To get an idea of the kind of benefits this product will
provide, please read

(and maybe also browse through

If you think topping Gwydion's desirable goals, and doing this for
C++ (which is rather more widely used than Dylan), sounds like a
commercially and intellectually interesting idea, you might
want to read on.

Applicants must fulfill the following five requirements:

- have a good sense of humour;

- be intelligent;

- be fluent in C/C++;

- be willing to move to Luxembourg for at least a year;

- (unfortunately) be a citizen of the EU (since otherwise
you will not be allowed to work in Luxembourg).

Successful applicants will be offered an OK salary, as well as
some equity. Above all, you will participate in a demanding, exciting
and stimulating project, which offers you the possibility to work
in the following areas:

- reflective systems, meta programming, open implementation;

- (C++) compilers (and the C++ standard), intermediate
representations, retargetable (binary) code generation,
dynamic compilation, implementations of Smalltalk and
Self, VCODE, programming environments design, ...;

- 3D graphics, OpenGL, Free3D, user interface design,
virtual reality, direct manipulation, portable graphics
   libraries, Fresco, Interviews, constraint systems,
program visualization, ...;

- persistent object stores, pointer swizzling,
Texas, Mneme, ... .

The more you are interested in and/or know about one or several of
the above areas, the better.

Whether you are about to graduate, writing up your PhD, or already
have work experience, I look forward to hearing from you.

Carlo Walentiny


From: (Roman Salvador)
Subject: US-CA-San Diego - Software Engineers
Date: 30 Jun 1996 17:10:07 GMT

                                                    COMPANY DESCRIPTION

      ParaSoft is a fast-growing high-tech company that specializes in advance
software engineering technologies with special emphasis in software
development and testing tools. See our web site at
for more info on the company and current products.

      We are searching for software engineers to be part of a research
group located in San Diego.

(first position)


Required: B.S. or M.S. degree in Computer Science, Physics or Mathematics.
                    Very good working knowledge of C and/or C++.

Desired: Experience in compiler writing. System and network administration
                  for UNIX.

                                                        JOB DESCRIPTION

Participate in the research, design and prototyping of new and
innovative software tools. These particular positions have a strong
research component. You will work in a small team with many opportunities
for growth. Current research focuses in the development of automatic
testing for software systems.

(second position)


Required: Ph.D. degree in Computer Science, Physics or Mathematics. Good
                    working knowledge of C and/or C++.
                    Most important is the demonstrated ability to perform innovative
                    cutting-edge research.

Desired: Research experience in automatic generation of program test data.
                  Symbolic execution. Experience with front-end compiler technology.

                                                        JOB DESCRIPTION

Participate in the research, design and prototyping of new and
innovative software tools. These particular positions have a strong
research component. You will work in a small team with many opportunities
for growth. Current research focuses in the development of automatic
testing for software systems.

ParaSoft Corporation provides a very competitive salary, benefits package
and significant opportunities for advancement for the right individual.

Please e-mail resume with a cover letter containing qualifications and
interests to

We would appreciate if you could also send us answers to the following

1. Citizenship/green card or US visa status.

2. How soon could you start?.

3. Reason for job change?.

4. Current compensation (specify base plus bonus, etc) and desired

5. What kind of job and working environment would you really like to have?.


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