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<kadhim@VNET.IBM.COM> (Basim Kadhim)
27 Jun 1996 11:39:17 -0400

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From: <kadhim@VNET.IBM.COM> (Basim Kadhim)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 27 Jun 1996 11:39:17 -0400
Organization: IBM - Santa Teresa Laboratory
Keywords: parse, syntax

> Does anyone know of any good references, preferable online, that describes
> and/or gives pointers on how to convert a grammar representing the concrete
> syntax of a programming language to a grammar representing the abstract
> syntax of a language. I have a couple of books on language design and
> compiler writing, but they only touch upon the subject and don't describe
> the process in detail. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.
> Ron Kanagy

You might have a look at a paper of mine that just appeared in the
International Conference on Compiler Construction in Sweden. It is
entitled, "Maptool -- Supporting Modular Syntax Development".
It discusses a tool that maps between concrete and abstract syntax
fragments and automatically generates a parsing grammar that will
construct the right abstract syntax tree given any input.
In addition to appearing in the proceedings of the conference (published
by Springer Verlag), the paper can be found from the following URL:
Basim Kadhim University of Colorado, Boulder

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