Chomsky language hierarchy & Compiler Development
21 Jun 1996 17:02:31 -0400

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Date: 21 Jun 1996 17:02:31 -0400
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Hi All,

I'm looking for books or other detailed sources of information
which *directly connect* Noam Chomsky's language hierarchy to
modern compiler development, as I've been told that

"The Chomsky language hierarchy is now a fundamental part of any
formal language study in computer science. Furthermore, what it
describes is a fundamental part of any modern language compiler.
By expressing a grammar in a context free form, one assures that a
parser for that language can be constructed. Additionally, the
parser can be constructed from the mathematical grammar rules that
describe the language. Tools such as lex, yacc, bison, and PCCTS
provide means for automatically generating large compiler elements
from these mathematical structures. The reason we can generate
language compilers so easily and accurately is the existence of the
Chomsky hierarchy and associated mathematical theories. Without
Chomsky, the guarantee of efficient parsing is gone.

Chomsky's theory also extends well beyond compiler construction.
Texts on formal language theory and automata should provide

Any referrals to appropriate sources which cover these technical
relationships will be greatly appreciated,

E.S. Taylor


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