Writing an interpreter

Arne.Evertsson@Octalogic.se (Arne Evertsson)
1 Jun 1996 23:25:40 -0400

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From: Arne.Evertsson@Octalogic.se (Arne Evertsson)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 1 Jun 1996 23:25:40 -0400
Organization: Compilers Central
Keywords: interpreter, question, comment

I am writing an interpreter for a pascal-like programming language. I have
no previous experience of compiler/interpreter construction, so I am wondering

Which is easier:

                * Write a compiler that produces p-code, and find an existing p-code
                * Write my own interpreter

If I write my own interpreter I will write a program that executes a parse tree.

I write a compiler that produces p-code, I will have to learn p-code, and
then find an existing p-code interpreter (that runs under ms-dos/windows 3.1).


[Well, there's always the P-code interpreter in Microsoft C. -John]

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