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19 Apr 1996 12:17:05 -0400

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new pattern matching list LPM_MISC-L (1996-04-19)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 19 Apr 1996 12:17:05 -0400
Organization: Parsepolis Software
Keywords: tools

You are enthusiastically invited to subscribe to the private,
moderated list LPM_MISC-L. (Private in so far as it is maintained on
a private system.) To add yourself automatically to the list, send
Internet email TO:

          "LPM_MISC-L" <>

with the SUBJECT:



        A list for general moderated discussion and feedback on Laleh's
        Pattern Matcher (LPM) in particular and pattern matching in
        general. Issues specific to the design, testing, and
        integration of LPM into existing systems may be discussed, as
        may issues related to pattern matching theory and object-
        oriented design, in so far as they relate to experimental
        pattern matching engines. (Established engines such as awk,
        perl, SNOBOL, et al. may be discussed only in so far as they
        relate to experimental/new engines, since discussion lists
        already exist for these systems.)

        Parsepolis Software || Quinn Tyler Jackson
                "ParseCity" ||

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