Re: Please Help Me - 80386 Vs MIL-STD-1750A (Jan Vorbrueggen)
4 Apr 1996 00:18:18 -0500

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From: (Jan Vorbrueggen)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 4 Apr 1996 00:18:18 -0500
Organization: Institut fuer Neuroinformatik, Ruhr-Universitaet Bochum, Germany
References: 96-04-020
Keywords: architecture

John McCabe <> writes:

      I have been asked to jot down a list of advantages and disadvantages of
      using an Intel 386 against a GPS MA31750 (MIL-STD-1750A) processor by the
      end of this week (5th April 1996).

      The software will be a real-time design in an embedded system, probably
      developed and cross-compiled using a UNIX box.

So why do you want to use a 386? The job you're describing seems to be
ideally suited to using a transputer, probably a T425. As far as I
know, space- qualified parts are available and have been flown (Mars
Observer?). Software development is easy and well suited to the task
(real-time, embedded), with very efficient code. Or do you _really_
want to develop such a system in Ada??


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