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27 Mar 1996 00:13:14 -0500

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From: (Konrad Schwarz)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 27 Mar 1996 00:13:14 -0500
Organization: TU Wien
References: 96-03-172
Keywords: linker

O'Reilly has an older book on COFF, which is so-so (like many O'Reilly
books, unfortunately. Too verbose for my taste.) I think someone
from AT&T wrote a book on ELF, presumeably available from Prentice

GNU has a library to interface with object formats that is used with
GDB. It has info documentation on stab strings. The AIX info program
has a lot on its version of COFF, but, at least in the 3.x version,
this was pretty confused. Most other Unix systems I've worked with
describe their object format in a series of man pages; man a.out is a
good starting point. Some systems also have a loader library.

The segmented object file format used by 16-bit Windows is described
in the MS-DOS Encyclopedia from MS Press. I think the 32-bit file
formats are COFF or ELF.

You might also want to check some of the debugger references posted
here recently.

Konrad Schwarz

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