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27 Mar 1996 00:12:28 -0500

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Chamau (1996-03-27)
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From: (Daniel de Rauglaudre)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 27 Mar 1996 00:12:28 -0500
Organization: INRIA * Rocquencourt BP 105 * F-78153 LE CHESNAY CEDEX* France
Keywords: tools, available

Chamau is a dialect of Caml Special Light where all the changes
concern concrete syntax, the one of the language itself and syntactic
tools: quotations, extensible grammars, syntax extensions in the
language itself and generic lexer. It is possible to redefine the
whole syntax of the language.

It can be obtained by anonymous ftp from INRIA:

                host: (
                directory: lang/chamau

Chamau being a new language, in beta test, we are interested on your
feedback. Please send your opinion and bug reports to:


  Daniel de RAUGLAUDRE

  Projet Cristal - INRIA Rocquencourt

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