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LCPC proceedings (1996-03-22)
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  The LCPC-95 Proceedings were released a few weeks ago and are
  available from Springer directly and through bookstores now.
  Below the following information on this book is given:

                                    A. Bibliographic Information
                                    B. Table of Contents
                                    C. Foreword
                                    D. Ordering Information
                                    E. Electronic LNCS Index (WWW)



  Volume Editors: Chua-Huang Huang, Ponnuswamy Sadayappan
                                    Utpal Banerjee, David Gelernter
                                    Alex Nicolau, David Padua
  Title: Languages and Compilers for Parallel Computing
  Subtitle: 8th International Workshop, LCPC-95
                                    Columbus, Ohio, USA, August 1995.
  Series: Lecture Notes in Computer Science
  Volume Number: 1033
                    Pages: 597 + XIII
  List Price: DM 118.00 USD 94.00
  Publisher: Springer-Verlag
  ISBN: 3-540-60765-X



  Fine Grain Parallelism I

  Array Data Flow Analysis for Load-Store Optimization in
  Superscalar Architectures
  R. Bodik and R. Gupta (15 Pages)

  An Experimental Study of an ILP-based Exact Solution
  Method for Software Pipelining
  E.R. Altman, G.R. Gao, R. Govindarajan (15 Pages)

  Insertion Scheduling: An Alternative to List Scheduling
  for Modulo Schedulers
  B.D. de Dinechin (15 Pages)

  Interprocedural Analysis

  Interprocedural Array Region Analyses
  B. Creusillet, F. Irigoin (15 Pages)

  Interprocedural Analysis for Parallelization
  M.W. Hall (20 Pages)

  Interprocedural Array Data-Flow Analysis for Cache
  L. Choi, P.-C. Yew (15 Pages)

  An Interprocedural Parallelizing Compiler and Its Support
  for Memory Hierarchy Research
  T. Nguyen, J. Gu, Z. Li (15 Pages)

  Program Analysis

  V-cal: A Calculus for the Compilation of Data Parallel Languages
  P.F.G. Dechering, J.A. Trescher, T.P.M. de Vreught
  H.J. Sips (15 Pages)

  Transitive Closure of Infinite Graphs and Its Applications
  W. Kelly, W. Pugh, E. Rosser, T. Shpeisman (15 Pages)

  Demand-Driven, Symbolic Range Propagation
  W. Blume, R. Eigenmann (20 Pages)

  Fortran 90 and HPF

  Optimizing Fortran 90 Shift Operations on Distributed-Memory
  K. Kennedy, J. Mellor-Crummey, G. Roth (15 Pages)

  A Loop Parallelization Algorithm for HPF Compilers
  K. Ishizaki, H. Komatsu (15 Pages)

  Fast Address Sequence Generation for Data-Parallel Programs
  Using Integer Lattices
  A. Thirumalai, J. Ramanujam (18 Pages)

  Compiling Array Statements for Efficient Execution on
  Distributed-Memory Machines: Two-Level Mappings
  S.D. Kaushik, C.-H. Huang, P. Sadayappan (15 Pages)


  A Communication Backend for Parallel Language Compilers
  J.M. Stichnoth, T. Gross (15 Pages)

  A Parallel Processing Support Library Based on Synchronized
  Aggregate Communication
  H.G. Dietz, T.M. Chung, T.I. Mattox (15 Pages)

  FALCON: A MATLAB Interactive Restructuring Compiler
  L. De Rose, K. Gallivan, E. Gallopoulos, B. Marsolf
  D. Padua (20 Pages)

  Fine Grain Parallelism II

  A Simple Mechanism for Improving the Accuracy and Efficiency
  of Instruction-Level Disambiguation
  S. Novack, J. Hummel, A. Nicolau (15 Pages)

  Hoisting Branch Conditions - Improving Super-Scalar Processor
  B. Appelbe, S. Doddapaneni, R. Harmon, P. May
  S. Wills, M. Vitale(14 Pages)

  Integer Loop Code Generation for VLIW
  J. Radigan, P. Chang, U. Banerjee (13 Pages)

  Loop-Level Optimization

  Dependence Analysis in Parallel Loops with i+/-k Subscripts
  S.P. Midkiff (15 Pages)

  Piecewise Execution of Nested Data-Parallel Programs
  D.W. Palmer, J.F. Prins, S. Chatterjee, R.E. Faith (16 Pages)

  Recovering Logical Structures of Data
  M. Cierniak, W. Li (15 Pages)

  Automatic Data Distribution

  Efficient Distribution Analysis via Graph Contraction
  T.J. Sheffler, R. Schreiber, W. Pugh, J.R. Gilbert
  S. Chatterjee (15 Pages)

  Automatic Selection of Dynamic Data Partitioning Schemes
  for Distributed-Memory Multicomputers
  D.J. Palermo, P. Banerjee (15 Pages)

  Data Redistribution in an Automatic Data Distributed Tool
  E. Ayguade, J. Garcia, M. Girones, M.L. Grande
  J. Labarta(15 Pages)

  Compiler Models

  General Purpose Optimization Technology
  T. Cheatham, A. Fahmy, D.C. Stefanescu (12 Pages)

  Compiler Architectures for Heterogeneous Systems
  K.S. McKinley, S.K. Singhai, G.E. Weaver, C.C. Weems (16 Pages)

  Virtual Topologies: A New Concurrency Abstraction for
  High-Level Parallel Languages
  J. Philbin, S. Jagannathan (15 Pages)

  Irregular Computation

  Interprocedural Data Flow Based Optimizations for Compilation
  of Irregular Problems
  G. Agrawal, J. Saltz (15 Pages)

  Automatic Parallelization of the Conjugate Gradient Algorithm
  V. Kotlyar, K. Pingali, P. Stodghill (20 Pages)

  Annotations for a Sparse Compiler
  A.J.C. Bik, H.A.G. Wijshoff (15 Pages)

  Connection Analysis: A Practical Interprocedural Heap
  Analysis for C
  R. Ghiya, L.J. Hendren (19 Pages)

  Object Oriented and Functional Parallelism

  Language and Run-Time Support for Network Parallel Computing
  P.A. Dinda, D.R. O'Hallaron, J. Subhlok, J.A. Webb
  B. Yang (17 Pages)

  Agents: An Undistorted Representation of Problem Structure
  J. Yelon, L.V. Kale(15 Pages)

  Type Directed Cloning for Object-Oriented Programs
  J. Plevyak, A.A. Chien (15 Pages)

  The Performance Impact of Granularity Control and
  Functional Parallelism
  J.E. Moreira (17 Pages)



  This volume contains papers presented at the Eighth Annual
  Workshop on Languages and Compilers for Parallel Computing,
  which was held in Columbus, Ohio on August 10-12, 1995. This
  workshop series has traditionally been a forum for the pres-
  entation of state-of-the-art research in languages, restruct-
  uring compilers, and runtime systems. As in previous years,
  the workshop attracted participation from leading research
  groups in the USA, Europe, and Japan.

  We are grateful to the large number of people who helped us to
  organize this year's workshop. The members of the standing pro-
  gram committee Utpal Banerjee, David Gelernter, Alex Nicolau,
  and David Padua had many helpful suggestions and words of
  advice for us. Tom Fletcher, Sandy Hill, and Marty Marlatt ably
  assisted us with administrative and financial matters. Our student
  volunteers Debashis Basak, Donglai Dai, and Ram Kesavan worked
  tirelessly in helping us organize the workshop and in putting to-
  gether this volume. We are thankful to the Department of Computer
  and Information Science at the Ohio State University and the Ohio
  Supercomputer Center for their financial support, which enabled us
  to control registration fees for the workshop attendees.

  Last, but not least, we wish to thank the large number of referees
  who helped us evaluate the submitted papers and provided valuable
  feedback to the authors: Erik Altman, Bill Appelbe, Rajive Bagrodia,
  Prith Banerjee, Utpal Banerjee, Aart Bik, Rastislav Bodik, Carrie
  Brownhill, Sid Chatterjee, Andrew Chien, Lynn Choi, Fabien Coelho,
  Beatrice Creusillet, Benoit deDinechin, Mary Hall, Susan Hinrichs,
  Joe Hummel, Suresh Jagannathan, L.V. Kale, Peter Knijnenburg, David
  Kolson, Wei Li, Ziyuan Li, Kathryn McKinley, Sam Midkiff, Alex
  Nicolau, David Padua, John Plevyak, Sundeep Prakash, Bill Pugh,
  J. Ramanujam, Jerry Roth, Dale Schouten, Tom Sheffler, Henk Sips,
  Jaspal Subhlok, Chau-Wen Tseng, Pen Yew.

  October 1995

  Chau-Huang Huang
  P. Sadayappanb

  Program Co-Chairs


  With the bibliographic information given above, any academic
  booksellerwith a resonable computer science program should be
  able to provide copies of the book. Otherwise, one also can
  order through any Springer office directly, particularly
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  special offer to Springer Authors. If you aren't a Springer
  Author you are not entitled to make use of the special discount,
  but the addresses are the same.

  Springer editorial contact:
  Alfred Hofmann (cs editor), E-mail:



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  Authors contributing to any LNCS or LNAI Proceedings, are
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  personal use at the "Springer-Author" discount of 33 1/3 %
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  Springer established a searchable electronic index for the
  LNCS series on occasion of publishing the 1000th volume in
  the series; this index covers the some 15.000 papers icluded
  in the volumes LNCS 500 to 1000. The "Index of Lecture Notes
  in Computer Science" can be freely accessed via the Springer

  where the Index of LNCS resides under "Sites, Tools and


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