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Ashish Ashtekar <>
8 Mar 1996 19:21:27 -0500

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From: Ashish Ashtekar <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 8 Mar 1996 19:21:27 -0500
Organization: Center for Advanced Computer Studies
References: 96-03-046
Keywords: C++, analysis, comment

Bonifacic Dusan wrote:
> I am looking for an algorithm that will give me basic blocks for a
> given C++ code. I am not sure if I can specify in g++ to produce an
> intermediate code which could then be broken in basic blocks or maybe
> there is even an compiler option that will compile code to some
> intermediate code which is broken in basic blocks.

This might sound like a wierd suggestion. The stanford University has
a compiler group which wrote a compiler sytem called SUIF. One of the
objective of this system is to provide the user a way to optimize code
( C or Fortran). The system has a kernel which stores the program's
intermediate rep. & has C++ interface functions to manipulate the data
in the kernel.

But you have to look for some way to convert C++ to C, which can be
passed to the SUIF system.

SUIF - Stanford University's Intermediate form
(for details -- )

- Ashish.
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[Well, there's always cfront to turn C into C++, but I'm not sure I'd want
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