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24 Jan 1996 10:25:41 -0500

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OOP paper available gdevivo@conicit.ve (1996-01-24)
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From: gdevivo@conicit.ve (Gabriela de Vivo [UCV].)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 24 Jan 1996 10:25:41 -0500
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Caracas 1-23-1996

Dear Fellows.-

This posting is to announce the availability of the paper:
` A Pragmatic Approach to C++, Eiffel, and Ada 9X Programming '.
This paper has been published in ACM SIGPLAN NOTICES of September-1995.
(Vol. 30, Number 9)

The following URL can be used do download the paper:


As the paper has just been uploaded, and because it takes a few days
to complete the acceptance process, there is a slight change for a
miss when trying the downloading. In this case, please use the
directory `incoming' instead of the directory `papers'. Note also
that actually the full qualified domain name `strix.ciens.ucv.ve'
should be resolved as [ just in case :-) ].

=====ABSTRACT FOLLOWS=========

Conceptualizing the world as a set of interacting objects, has ever
been the main mechanism of perception associated with humankind.
Therefore, the formulation of languages and modeling and design
methods based on object orientation (OO) was just a matter of
time. After that, a mutual feedback driven process lead to more and
better implementations of OO languages as well as to proven OO based
techniques for design and modeling. Of course the success of the
whole model is related to the analysis of the adequacy of the actual
OO languages for the implementation of OO designed systems. This
paper reports the results of a simple experiment formulated to find
some heuristics associated to the adequacy of the languages C++,
Eiffel, and Ada 9X for the implementation of OO designed systems.


Gabriela de Vivo

Marco de Vivo

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