Re: Advice sought: Parsing a line of COBOL in C.

John Lindsay <>
16 Jan 1996 13:49:59 -0500

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From: John Lindsay <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 16 Jan 1996 13:49:59 -0500
Organization: Royal Military College
References: 96-01-023
Keywords: Cobol, parse (Darrin Smith) wrote:
>I'm trying to convert a COMPUTE statement in COBOL from:
> COMPUTE variable1 = variable2 * -1
> COMPUTE variable1 = 0 - variable2
>It would be no problem if the compute always followed this format, but
>of course it does not. ....

>[I'd convert it to a string of tokens, squashing out the confusing
>white space and all, then do some simple pattern matching on the token
>string. -John]

This is scarcely a compiler job, much more like a job for a macro
processor or a simple program in a string handling language such as
SNOBOL4 or Icon. If you can get a copy of the PL/I-based macro
language LP2257 and replace the PL/I tokenizer, with a COBOL tokenizer,
it's a breeze, and it would only be a bit more work with the macro
language ML/I's generic tokenizer. A small Icon program is probably
the simplest, quickest solution, and Icon is free. See comp.lang.icon
for an FAQ.

All the best !

John H. Lindsay, Phone: (613) 541-6000 - 1 - 6419
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science,
Royal Military College of Canada, Internet: Lindsay_J@RMC.CA
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