Compiler positions available for week ending December 10
10 Dec 1995 15:17:38 -0500

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Compiler positions available for week ending December 10 (1995-12-10)
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Date: 10 Dec 1995 15:17:38 -0500
Organization: Compilers Central
Keywords: jobs

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Date: Mon, 4 Dec 95 15:56:03 PST
From: "John Madsen, NTSGwest Staffing - DTN 548-8750" <>
Subject: Compiler positions for posting

   Compiler Engineers (2) - Seattle Area

   Digital Equipment Corporation's software development facility located
in Bellevue, WA has immediate needs for experienced compiler engineers.
You'll work with our Visual C++ for Windows NT Alpha team in the
development of C and C++ compilers.

Required: - BSCS or equivalent and 6 years C/C++ experience
in system-level programming
   - In-depth experience in at least two compilers for
high-level languages, preferably with applicable
experience in code generation and optimization.
   - Excellent communication skills, including the ability to
share your knowledge with junior members of the team.

Desirable: - Two years experience with Windows NT on any platform.
   - Familiarity with Microsoft's Visual C++ development
environment on any platform.

Interested individuals are invited to forward their resumes for immediate
consideration to:
Digital Equipment Corporation
14475 NE 24th Street
Bellevue, WA 98007
Attn: Staffing, job# SEO009

Fax: (206)865-8890

          Digital is an Affirmative Action Employer. Principals only, please.


From: Lutz Hamel <hamel@Think.COM>
Subject: compiler & debugger engineers sought at Thinking Machines

      Opportunities at Thinking Machines


      We are looking for a few good people...

For more than a decade, Thinking Machines Corporation
has been one of the world's leading computer companies
in advancing the capability and use of high performance
computing. Through its unique expertise in parallel
processing technology it has developed three generations
of world-class hardware, software, and complementary
support systems. Now we are beginning a new and exciting
growth strategy to open up our technology to new hardware
platforms and application environments. Thinking Machines
is uniquely positioned to deliver state-of-the-art,
cost-effective systems on standard industry platforms.

      Join Thinking Machines' compiler team building the next generation
      of data-parallel compilers for High Performance Fortran and
      data-parallel C++, using object-oriented technologies and
      state-of-the-art compiler construction tools.

* Design and implement new middle and high-level language

* Design and implement cutting-edge optimizations for networks of
workstations and SMP's.

* Design Thinking Machines' data-parallel C++.

* Integrate the compilers into Prism, a highly interactive and
visual, parallel software development environment.

      Requirements: BSCS or equiv., 5+ years software engineering experience
      including 3+ years in compilers; proficiency in C and UNIX. Development
      experience with compilers for parallel languages a plus; C++ experience


      Duties: Design and build state-of-the-art parallel debuggers and
      performance analysis tools for multiple platforms and architectures
      including NoWs, SMPs and MPPs.

      Requirements: BSCS or equiv. 3+ years' experience. Proficiency
      in C, Unix, X/Motif, debuggers and/or performance analyzers
      required. Development experience with C++, parallel programming,
      client server, OS internals and PC's a plus.

      Thinking Machines Corporation is an equal opportunity employer.

      Please mail or fax your resume to:
      Nancy Forte
      Human Resources
      Thinking Machines
      14 Crosby Drive
      Bedford, MA 01730

      FAX: (617) 280-2860


Organization: Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories, Inc.
From: (Venkat Konda)
Subject: Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs, Compiler Jobs at Sunnyvale

Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories, Inc.
                                    Senior Research Scientist/Engineer
                Advanced Compilation, Vectorization, Parallelization

The Sunnyvale R&D Lab of Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories, Inc.,
has several immediate openings for Senior Research Scientists or Engineers
in the area of advanced compiler technology, including parallelizing and
vectorizing compilers, instruction-level parallelism, and code scheduling
for single-chip and multi-chip architectures. Emphasis is on practical
implementation of working compilers for working systems.

A successful candidate must be a person of vision who can identify key
research problems surrounding applications of parallel computing to
advanced systems and compilation for advanced parallel architectures. He or
she should be well-versed in the theory and implementation of
vectorizing/parallelizing compilers and/or code scheduling and back-end
processing for superscalar, VLIW, and other advanced microprocessor
technologies. He or she must have made respected contributions to the
literature and/or patents of the field.

A Ph. D. or equivalent experience in an appropriate area is required.
Specific experience should include

      * participation in the implementation of a major vectorizing and/or
              parallelizing compiler used for "production" work by others,
              including a completed project, and

      * proficiency in C, C++, Unix, and multi-platform development

Initially, the candidate will be one of the lead implementors of a
vectorizing/parallelizing compiler for a proprietary SIMD architecture. He
or she will also be a principal technical resource for the laboratory as a
whole and will help to set the direction of future research and development
in compilation and parallel computation.

We are looking for highly-motivated and creative individuals with good
teamwork and communication skills, the ability to work with others, and the
ability to articulate the application of parallel computation within the
laboratory and the parent company.

Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories is an equal opportunity employer.
This position is located in Sunnyvale, California.

Qualified individuals should send resumes to "" or to

                Hugh C. Lauer, Director
                Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories
                1070 E. Arques Avenue
                Sunnyvale, CA 94086


From: (John F. Kaster)
Subject: Need a C++/Compiler developer
Date: Sat, 09 Dec 1995 05:05:42 GMT
Organization: Interface Technologies, Inc.

I have a project writing a conversion tool that is using the Microsoft
Foundation Classes, and was originally written in MSVC++ 1.5x in real
mode. I've upgraded it to protected mode, and will be doing future
development in MSVC++ 4.0. I have taken on some additional work that
prevents me from spending the time on this project that it requires.

So, now I'm looking for someone available on a consulting basis (I
don't care where you're located) who can assist in this project.
Extensive C++ and compiler/grammar/parsing is essential.

Get in touch with me here, or fax/mail resumes, references, rates,
suggestions, whatever to:

John Kaster
Interface Technologies
503 Camino Real
Redondo Beach, CA 90277-3817 USA
310.540.5497 voice
310.540.2537 fax/bbs

John F. Kaster
Interface Technologies, Inc.
503 Camino Real
Redondo Beach, CA 90277-3817 USA
310.540.5497 Voice
310.540.2537 Fax/BBS
71510,3321 CompuServe
Makers of TechWriter, Grok, Grumpfish Menu, and Guide++


From: (Rolf Karlsson)
Subject: Chair in Computer Science, Sweden
Date: 6 Dec 1995 09:41:25 GMT
Organization: Dept of Comp Science, LTH

              Lund Institute of Technology - Lund University - Sweden


The Department of Computer Science is a joint department between the
faculties of Technology and Mathematics and Natural Sciences. Within
the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, their is currently one
professor who is engaged in research in algorithm theory. As Computer
Science is a broad scientific area, Lund Institute of Technology values
widening the field of research in the department by offering an additional
chair in the subject.

It is deemed of special importance by the Institute that applicants have
good leadership qualities.

Lund Institute of Technology is one of the faculties of Lund University.
The Institute, which was founded in 1961, provides education up to MSc
level for about 5000 students, while 650 postgraduate students are
engaged in research studies. The Institute has a total staff of about 1600.
The School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences has 45 academic
members of staff, 9 of which are professors. The School has an annual
turnover of about 100 million Swedish crowns.

The applicant should state which scientific work he/she considers to be of
most importance regarding the application for the position. It should also
be made clear in the application which teaching and other qualifications the
applicant wishes to draw attention to in the consideration of the application.

The application is to be submitted in English, and be structured according
to instructions which can be obtained from LTH:s kansli, Eva Persson,
phone: +46 46-222 97 80, fax +46 46-222 37 21.

The application, stating the reference number 3661, and addressed to the
Vice-Chancellor of Lund University, should be received by the Registrar,
PO Box 117, S-221 00 Lund, Sweden, no later than Friday January 26, 1996.

Information on the nature of the position can be obtained from the Faculty
Dean: Professor Ulf Korner, phone +46 46 222 90 07, fax +46 46-14 58 23 or
email:, and on the conditions of employment from the
personnel director, Staffan Svensson, phone +46 46-222 71 17,
fax +46 46-222 37 21.

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