386 (commercial) back-end needed

brekalob@se.bel.alcatel.be (B Brekalo)
Tue, 28 Nov 1995 16:11:00 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: brekalob@se.bel.alcatel.be (B Brekalo)
Keywords: question, C, comment
Organization: Alcatel Bell Telephone, Antwerp, Belgium
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 1995 16:11:00 GMT

Hi all,

At present we are looking for a well established proffesional Compiler backend
(optimizing code generator) with debug support for 80386 based processors.

I work at Alcatel Bell. In the late seventies we started using CHILL as
programming language. At that time CHILL was not yet standardised, so we
had to develop our own compiler and debug environment.

In early eighties we asked Intermetrics to develop a compiler for us. At that
time the target processor was still an 8086. We kept the test (debug) on host
and target our own proprietary versions because of their (at that time) advanced

Today we are facing the following problems :

    - We need optimized 32 bit code for 80386 and up.
    - We want a smooth migration towards C
    - We need modern networked source level debuggers for 80386 running on UNIX
        and our own target boards.
    - We need a solution asap.
    - We don't have the manpower to develop these things on our own.
    - We can not switch languages because of >5000MY code in CHILL

For that purpose we would like to investigate the following route :

    - We adapt our CHILL front end to produce the intermediate format used by
        a commercial compiler (ex. quadrupples, RTL or others)
    - We buy the compiler back-end for 80x86 and its debugger from a compiler
    - We make convertors from our object format to the new format (for assembler
    - We maintain our compiler front-end.
    - Our supplier maintains the back-end and the debugger.

Who has products that would fit to this approach?
Who can provide me pointers to such companies?
Has someone knowledge of a company that used this route?

[How about writing a CHILL to C front end a la cfront? Then you can use any C
compiler you want. -John]

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